People Stories
Collection page for our talent testimonials and new Talented employees introductions.
Funzi's goal is bigger than life and we're building something that has never been done before. In a situation like this it's very important that people to be hired share the same goal and believe in it. Talented understood our needs and found really high-class candidates for us.
Aape Pohjavirta, Founder, Funzi
We started the process of hiring a CTO being aware that it is one of the most critical recruitments. The whole process was really humane and Talented seemed to be genuinely interested in us and our needs.
Hanna Kontinen, Head of Talent & Culture, Brella
Talented understood VR's need very quickly and helped us to refine it. The consulting process wasn't a loose but inseparable part of our daily work and creating a new company culture.
Antti Kleemola, CDO, VR Group
Working with Talented Growth Consultant was like they were part of our team – easy, unprompted and efficient. We hired two senior developers and one extremely experienced designer in one month. One could not really do any better than this.
Albert Nazander, CTO & Co-founder, Meru Health
The way Talented approached our CTO recruitment need was brilliant. Their way of working was very flexible and easy from customer's point of view.
Petra Luntiala, CEO, Emmy Secondhand
Independent contractors
All in all, I have a very positive feeling about Talented. It feels like they really want to know you as a person and find you the perfect project. It also feels really good as a sole trader to have one shield between you and the client, to have Talented to secure you.
Robin Pettersson