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Key metrics for measuring Employer Branding and Employee Experience

In order to focus on the right things in attracting and retaining talent, you need data. In this workshop, we examine the key metrics for measuring Employer Brand and Employee Experience.

Recruiting in 2033

What does the future of recruiting and recruiter's job description look like? Welcome to hear a professional recruiter's future overview and reflection on the recruitment industry trends!

Building diverse teams

In this webinar, we will dive into different dimensions of diversity at a workplace and provide concrete tips on how to build a more inclusive recruitment process in order to attract and hire diverse teams.

Introduction to Employee Value Proposition

Great Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can be a total game-changer for how much top talent organizations get on board. In this webinar, we walk you through what EVP is, why it's crucial to have it, and how to define EVP for your organization.

Building a recruitment process

In this webinar, you'll take a deep dive into a quality recruitment process: the phases, planning, and candidate experience. Moreover, you'll be able to start crafting your own process already during the webinar.

How to succeed in international recruitment

In this webinar, we'll discuss the pull factors of the Finnish labour market and provide participants new point of views on relocation and international recruitment.

Modern IT recruitment checklist

This webinar is a great market overview for organizations that want to get an up-to-date overview of the realities and requirements of the hot IT market. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to recruit successfully in a market where top talents get to choose their employers.

Employer Branding metrics

In order to focus on the right things in employer branding, you need data. In this workshop, you get to analyze your organization's current EB activities, set goals for EB, and learn about the most common metrics and how to utilize the collected data.

Employee persona

An employee persona is an imaginary person who represents the company's larger target group. This workshop will help you understand who your company is targeting, what motivates your target group and what to prioritize in recruitment and marketing so that your company would be an attractive option for the targeted talent.

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