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Talented is the growth partner for companies that are looking for senior developers for recruitment and subcontracting needs, or want to grow the organization's tech-recruitment capability.
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Recruitment services


As our partner, you’ll reach our community of over 2600 experienced developers and designers easily in one place, and you can look for Talents with certain expertise and location on our portal. We’ll also actively introduce you to professionals who have the skills you need and an interest in your company. 

Our Talents have a whopping 10 years of experience in the field, on average. Our recruitment services can help you whenever you’re in a tight spot with an individual recruitment process or when you’re looking for a long-term thing: maybe an expert of a certain technology, or someone who can do a bit of everything.

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Janne Kuikka
Team Lead, Sales

Recruitment consulting

Recruitment consulting is a modern, flexible and versatile way of making your company stand out in the market. With a recruitment consultant, your company can get a head start into the future of technical and creative recruitments. 

Consultants are especially great for companies that have big plans regarding future recruitments, or are about to start a challenging recruitment process. A consultant who knows the field like the back of their hand can also help with: 

  • technical assessments and interviews
  • recruitment process development
  • building a recruitment strategy
  • employer branding

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Alina Saari
Team Lead, Sales

Subcontracting services

When you need someone fast or have a fixed-term contract in mind, the over 900 independent contractors of the Talented Developer Community are eager to help. These software professionals have an average of 14 years of experience in the field, and among them you’ll find both individual crackerjacks and efficient teams for your projects.

We also help small companies and teams to find projects. You can check out the available projects here!

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Jani Muuronen
Team Lead, Sales

Executive services

Is your organisation taking over a new business area or leaping forward with its digital competence? Talented Executive services help you find the digital leaders you need, be it CTO, CDO or CEO. You name it, we deliver it.

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Saku Tihveräinen
Talented Executive Agent


One time fee / Recruitment services
20% of Yearly Salary
One time fee / Traditional model
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Hourly rate negotiable
Monthly fee / Consultant's hourly rate negotiable / Pricing according to work hours
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I need someone for a certain role in my company, how do I make it happen?

You can contact us through the link below or send an email to one of the people presented above. After you’ve contacted us through one channel or another, we’ll meet up to discuss your company and its needs in more depth.
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How much does this cost?

You’ll only pay according to the contract you sign if you find a new colleague through Talented. There’s no opening fee. You’ll find more information about our pricing by scrolling up a little bit.

We’re a small company looking for projects. Can Talented help us?

Yes. We help both small companies and teams find new projects. See the open projects or get in touch and tell us what your team would like to do next!
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