We're continuously seeking more awesome people to join us. Whether you’re a recruitment, employer branding or IT sales professional, or an expert of some other field, we’d love to hear from you. Get to know us and check our open positions – let's build better working life together!

We are Talented

Talented is a growing yet down-to-earth company with a supportive work community that backs each other up, cross team, company and country borders. Together we are building better working life.

We provide opportunities to follow one’s personal career ambitions as well as the possibility to develop yourself in a fascinating industry. Moreover, our idea of a better working life doesn’t only apply to our customers: at Talented, you can mold your job into whatever you want it to be.

In case you’re wondering what it’s like to work at Talented, let our team tell you about their roles, our culture and the real everyday life at Talented!

Working at Talented

I like my job as the tough IT-market creates an interesting challenge to tackle on a daily basis.

Markus Tuuri, Talent Agent
Working at Talented

There has been a respectful and growth-oriented atmosphere at Talented from the beginning. Working here requires self-direction, which means that people are trusted and everyone can take a real responsibility for their work.

Tiina Suuronen, Sales
employer branding consulting talented
Working at Talented

Talented has always come across as an organization where people have a true passion for making work-life better. My expectations were met right away during my first days!

Ella Pekki / Growth consultant
different roles of recruitment consultant
Working at Talented

Talented is hungry for improvement and continuously develops its services and internal policies.  One could say that if Talented was a cake, it would be even more beautiful from the inside than outside.

Kirsi Kytökorpi, Growth consultant
päijät-sote Employer Branding
Working at Talented

Recruiting is my passion and being able to combine that with my other interest, IT-industry, working at Talented offers me everything I want at the moment.

Hanna-Mari Ilola / Growth consultant
Working at Talented

Being a part of Talented has already given me the perfect position to freely try new things, create and develop our services as well as work with the best talent network in Finland.

Janne Kuikka / Talent Agent
Working at Talented

Working at Talented is inspiring for me! I get to work with helping people while learning new things all the time. The support from my colleagues is one of a kind and something I never dared to dream of.

Roosa-Maria Ahonen / Growth consultant
talent acquisition and employer branding packages
Working at Talented

When I started, I got a very comprehensive introduction and I immediately noticed that people genuinely want others to do and be well and we all get to do meaningful work.

Jessica Nylund / Growth consultant

Find your team

Direct Search

Direct Search team works amidst recruitment assignments at the Talented office, helping developers to find their dream jobs and companies to find motivated and committed employees. The team also supports job seekers on their journey from interviews to signing the contract.

This role is an amazing opportunity to quickly grow into an IT recruitment expert and work closely with companies from hot startups to large global players.

Growth Consultant, recruitment

Recruitment consultants, who are typically experienced IT recruiters, work independently as part of customers’ teams. Recruitment consultant's daily tasks vary by project, but can include e.g. sourcing, developing candidate experience, employer branding and crafting recruitment strategies.

Growth Consultant, employer branding

Employer branding consultants help customers to build unique and compelling employer brands and to engage talents with a stellar employee experience. Consultants carry out employer branding development holistically as part of the customer's team, from behind the scenes strategic work to carefully designed recruitment marketing and communications.

Benefits and salary

In addition to the usual benefits like phone, laptop, lunch card, cozy sweaters and modern office spaces, we also offer you

  • Extensive occupational health care and travel insurance
  • Recruitment bonuses
  • Bike benefit
  • The flexibility and freedom to work where and when you want, but in consulting one needs to take customers’ wishes into account. 
  • A chance to have a say in everything; our culture is based on openness, transparency and low-hierarchy. 
  • 1:1 meetings and career development discussions to help you succeed and grow in your role.
  • All our teams work closely together towards common goals. We celebrate milestones, big and small, together!


Recruitment consultants’ salary model is commission based. Hourly price varies by project and competence. EB and Direct Search teams are paid a fixed monthly salary and bonuses to reward them for their successes.

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