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Traditional tech recruitment often results in unhappy people. Talented is the developers' strike back for headhunters' mass emails, recruiters' poor domain knowledge and company cultures that simply don’t understand the process of creative problem-solving.

The story of Talented

Everyone wants to hire a developer, but they might not know where to actually find one and how to stand out to potential employees in an oversaturated field. 

An experienced developer will not go long without a job, but there’s a downside to being that popular: for example, they get swamped with irrelevant messages from headhunters on LinkedIn, and sometimes end up at job interviews where the interviewer doesn’t talk tech, let alone understand the factual content of the open role.

We think that both developers and the companies looking for them need some support in order to form a mutually beneficial working relationship. So, we got to work and started building a better working life for everyone. 

We picked the side of the developers in order to develop the field from their perspective, Talent first and the rest second. 

We still find ourselves on that same path, but we now have over 4000 developers and designers with us. We support them in searching for a new job, pondering different career paths, and other things they might encounter during their careers.

We also help companies to attract, recruit and retain the best software talent through Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding.

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What we are about


To make working life better for the employees and employers – by understanding both the people and technologies they use.


All experts in the field are happy in their work, and therefore companies thrive.


Easily approachable

Talented is not about grand gestures and boastfulness, we’re down-to-earth and in fact see ourselves as sort of a friendly rock to hold on to when working life gets tough. We love comfy sweaters, know the field like the back of our hands and actually want to make working life better for everyone involved.

Bold and Decisive

You can’t change the world without getting your hands dirty. We want to make working life better for both the employees and their employers by talking about problems honestly and actively looking for solutions together.


Openness and honesty are the basis of everything we do. We want to be fully transparent with all stakeholders, without ever risking anyone’s privacy.


We’re not into waiting around for great stuff to happen. We get excited about new ideas and react to them fast by testing them out.

Work for us?

Our idea of a better working life doesn’t only apply to our customers: at Talented, you can mold your job into whatever you want it to be, and you also have a say in everything. Whether you’re a recruitment, employer branding or IT sales professional, or an expert of some other field, we’d love to hear from you. We always have our eyes open for awesome people!


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Sales Director
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Sales Director
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Sales Manager
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Sales Manager