People Stories
Collection page for our talent testimonials and new Talented employees introductions.
Working at Talented
Working at Talented is inspiring for me! I get to work with helping people while learning new things all the time. The support from my colleagues is one of a kind and something I never dared to dream of.
Roosa-Maria Ahonen / Growth consultant
Working at Talented
Working at Talented has given me an exponential professional growth. From the day one I’ve felt that I’m highly appreciated and my work has a big impact to the success story of Talented.
Mirjam Sundkvist / Talent Agent, Independent contractors
Working at Talented
Greatest thing at Talented is that we aren't afraid of trying new things in marketing. Craziest ideas sometimes work the best... sometimes not, but through trial and error we can find the things that work for us.
Kaisa Kukkonen / AD