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What is Talented?

Talented finds the best jobs and projects for software professionals, free of charge. We are your dedicated agent in all things career.

Talented is now part of Witted. Our original idea was to build the best possible working life for software professionals. That same idea is still at the centre of everything.

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Work opportunities around the world

Talent stories


I wasn’t actively looking for a new workplace, but I decided to check what was out there. I got in touch with Talented and got a new job quickly. Long story short, it has been the easiest way of finding a new job in my life!

Irina Koski
Independent contractors

Talented acquires interesting and tailored projects without me having to spend time and effort on sales. This way I can focus on my work while my agent does the project hunting.

Andreas Prudzilko

On top of having interesting companies in its selection Talented also knows how to interact with developers. I wanted to get myself into a new challenge and was surprised how well Talented could match companies to my preferences.

Aku Peltonen

I was familiar with the IT-industry beforehand yet Talented introduced me to many new companies I hadn’t heard of before. I met with an interesting company right away and started working there in three weeks.

Jemina Lehmuskoski
Independent contractors

I launched my freelance career with Talented and had a project to work on from the very first day of starting my company. It was a painless transition from employment to entrepreneurship.

Antti Sulanto

I was surprised by how straightforward the process was. Everything went so smoothly and fast, it only took 20 hours from the call about a job interview with my agent to getting a job.

Jan-Peter Palmunen
Independent contractors

Talented allows me to focus on doing my best job for the client. That’s my most important goal with freelancing.

Jordan Thomas

Welcome to a zone free of micro-management!

Not any company will do for our partner – and for your future employer or client. We require all our partners, who are a varied bunch of around 150 businesses from startups to listed companies offering everything from products and services to video games, to have modern ways of working, low-hierarchy and respect for self-direction.