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What is Talented?

Talented helps senior software professionals to find their dream jobs, free of charge. We are your dedicated agent in all things career.

Talented is now part of Witted. Our original idea was to build the best possible working life for software professionals. That same idea is still at the centre of everything.

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Work opportunities around the world

Talent testimonials

I wasn’t actively looking for a new workplace, but I decided to check what was out there. I got in touch with Talented and got a new job quickly. Long story short, it has been the easiest way of finding a new job in my life!

Irina Koski

Working with Talented Growth Consultant was like they were part of our team – easy, unprompted and efficient. We hired two senior developers and one extremely experienced designer in one month. One could not really do any better than this.

Albert Nazander, CTO & Co-founder, Meru Health
Trainee programs for Junior Developers in Finland
Talent testimonials

On top of having interesting companies in its selection Talented also knows how to interact with developers. I wanted to get myself into a new challenge and was surprised how well Talented could match companies to my preferences.

Aku Peltonen

We started the process of hiring a CTO being aware that it is one of the most critical recruitments. The whole process was really humane and Talented seemed to be genuinely interested in us and our needs.

Hanna Kontinen, Head of Talent & Culture, Brella
Talent testimonials

One of the best things is the personal touch and trust, it truly feels like the agents are working for me. I can turn to the guys and ask for their advice and I know it won’t be an issue.

Nur Sah Ketene
Talent testimonials

I was familiar with the IT-industry beforehand yet Talented introduced me to many new companies I hadn’t heard of before. I met with an interesting company right away and started working there in three weeks.

Jemina Lehmuskoski

Talented understood VR's need very quickly and helped us to refine it. The consulting process wasn't a loose but inseparable part of our daily work and creating a new company culture.

Antti Kleemola, CDO, VR Group
Talent testimonials

I was surprised by the wide array of offers I could choose from at Talented. Career coaching helped me in what direction I’d like to take my career and choosing the right job for me.

Antti Tuomaala

Welcome to a zone free of micro-management!

Not any company will do for our partner – and for your future employer. We require all our partners, who are a varied bunch of around 150 businesses from startups to listed companies offering everything from products and services to video games, to have modern ways of working, low-hierarchy and respect for self-direction.