Here you can get to know our pricing models. In recruitment assignments, the pricing is success fee based: 20% from the hired person's yearly salary. In addition, there’s a 3000 EUR upfront payment, which will be deducted from the possible success fee. In recruitment and employer branding consulting, the hourly price is set based on the length, difficulty and scope of the case.

Pricing examples

Example 1. Recruitment assignment

One time fee, 20 % from the hired person’s yearly salary

3000€ upfront payment which will be deducted from the success fee.

Hired talent’s monthly salary is 5000€
The yearly salary is  5000€ * 13 = 65 000€
Talented’s fee is 20% * 65 000€ – 3000€ = 10 000€ + vat

Example 2. Recruitment consulting

The hourly rate is agreed case-by-case

Talented consultant’s hourly rate is 80€
The consultant worked 160 hours in January
Talented’s fee for January is 160 * 80€ = 12 800€ + vat

*the numbers used in the example are only indicative