Talented tarinat
Working at Talented
Working at Talented has given me an exponential professional growth. From the day one I’ve felt that I’m highly appreciated and my work has a big impact to the success story of Talented.
Mirjam Sundkvist / Talent Agent, Independent contractors
Working at Talented
People always ask me how do I do it, combine career and family life. Our flexible working hours at Talented ables me to work from early mornings so I can be at home when my kids come from school.
Jani Muuronen / Partners, Software Consulting
Working at Talented
It inspires me to be able to help talents in finding their dream project, as well as create value for our customers. Everybody wins!
Tiina Hapuoja / Team Lead, Software Consulting
Itsenäiset konsultit
All in all, I have a very positive feeling about Talented. It feels like they really want to know you as a person and find you the perfect project. It also feels really good as a sole trader to have one shield between you and the client, to have Talented to secure you.
Robin Pettersson