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Täältä löydät avoimet työpaikkamme. Mikäli meillä ei ole paikkoja avoinna juuri sinun osaamisellesi, otathan meihin yhteyttä avoimen haun kautta. Pidämme jatkuvasti silmämme auki mahtavia tyyppejä varten ja kuulisimme mielellämme sinusta!

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Talent Agent, julkishallinto

Oletko toiminut aiemmin julkishallinnon hankinnoissa tai haluatko kasvaa alan ammattilaiseksi? Tule mukaan välittämään ohjelmistokonsultteja julkishallinnon projekteihin ja toimeksiantoihin!
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Kokenut konsultti, Talent Acquisition

Konsultointiliiketoimintamme kasvaa nopeasti ja etsimme nyt mahtavaan tiimiimme lisää IT-rekrytoinnin osaajia!
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Kokenut konsultti, Employer Branding

Etsimme kasvukonsulttitiimiimme kokemuksen äänellä keskustelevaa markkinoinnin osaajaa kehittämään asiakkaidemme työnhakijakokemusta ja työnantajabrändiä.
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Country Manager, Sweden

We are looking for a Country Manager to Sweden to take over operational responsibility for the business there. If you'd be up for putting your creativity to test and try out even crazy ideas to make business soar in a new market, we'd love to hear from you.
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Open application

We always have our eyes open for awesome people, so if we’re not hiring for your position, go ahead and send us an open application!

Working at Talented

It inspires me to be able to help talents in finding their dream project, as well as create value for our customers. Everybody wins!

Tiina Hapuoja / Team Lead, Software Consulting
Working at Talented

I think that it’s important to try to see your work as mindful work. That means seeing how each task educates or nurtures you. I think this is the best way to find pleasure in work.

Erkko Vanhakartano / Growth Consultant
yrityksen pyörittäminen
Working at Talented

Whatever the situation, Talented will take care of its people and welcome everyone with a smile. We combine startup agility and innovation with the stability and growth of a large company.

Rasmus Sundström / Sales
Working at Talented

Daring to make bold decisions and to be your true self; to work with your whole heart, is made easy at Talented.

Alina Saari / CEO, Talented
rahan nostaminen yrityksestä
Working at Talented

People always ask me how do I do it, combine career and family life. Our flexible working hours at Talented ables me to work from early mornings so I can be at home when my kids come from school.

Jani Muuronen / Partners, Software Consulting
experienced developers
Working at Talented

Talented has exceeded my wildest dreams. Our work community is a family full of wide range rock hard expertise made perfect by the utter amount of warmth, compassion and idealistic enthusiasm.

Janica Tuominen / Legal & Public procurement subcontracting
osakeyhtiön tee se itse kirjanpito
Working at Talented

When I started at Talented, my expectation was that Talented was doing groundbreaking work for recruitment, particularly in the Talent side, and not just in Finland but in the global market too. I can now say that it’s very much so.

Mikko Launiainen / Talent Agent, Independent contractors
itsenäisen konsultin sopimuspohja
Working at Talented

Working at Talented has given me an exponential professional growth. From the day one I’ve felt that I’m highly appreciated and my work has a big impact to the success story of Talented.

Mirjam Sundkvist / Talent Agent, Independent contractors