Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding packages
Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding consist of dozens of activities. While you master some, some might be left needing a little more TLC. Here you can browse how Talented could support you in specific Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding activities. Mix and match as you like to build a tailored package that serves your needs!
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Jobseeker persona

Job seeker persona is a semi-fictional profile for what your ideal candidate is like. Crafting the persona will help you understand who you are targeting, what motivates and frustrates your target group, and adapt the findings to your talent acquisition and marketing activities to attract your target group better. The duration of this workshop is 2.5 hours.

1.500 € + VAT
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Recruitment communications

Well-thought-out recruitment materials arouse candidates' interest and make recruitment more efficient for the hiring organization. We provide you with universal job ad templates for different roles and Inmail templates for contacting candidates.

3.800 € + VAT
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Career site

Careers site is jobseeker's primary place to look for information about a potential employer – at best it strengthens your employer image and lowers the threshold for finding out more and applying. We help you ensure all the necessary content is included and to present it in an appealing way.

Fixed: 6.800 € + VAT
Custom: 8.800 € + VAT
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Developing recruitment process

Well-thought-out recruitment process increases the quality and efficiency of recruiting and supports Employer Brand. In this workshop, you'll learn what phases a great recruitment process includes, what to take into account when planning the process, and how to ensure homogeneous candidate experience. As an end result, you'll have a recruitment process crafted for your organization.

4.000 € + VAT
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IT interview training

In this 3-hour training, we cover the foundations of an engaging IT interview. You'll learn interview techniques that bring the best out of both parties, how to evaluate one's technical skills, and how to create a laid-back atmosphere in a situation that most find stressful.

1.500 € + VAT
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Candidate journey

Candidates encounter all kinds of content about potential employers during their job search. Candidate journey mapping provides you with a quick-to-read analysis of what kind of content candidates might find when searching information on your organization. The analysis will help you validate whether you should dominate more of the content that's out there.

3.800 € + VAT
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International recruitment process

In this workshop, you'll learn what to take into account when recruiting talent from abroad. We will walk you through the whole candidate journey including relocation and retention.

4.000 € + VAT
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Differentiate from competitors

Brand book

Brand book defines how your brand looks and feels and how your organization communicates with stakeholders. We help you transit your identity, mission and vision into brand guidelines that ensure consistency in all marketing communication levels.

Kick-start: 2.900 € + VAT
Scale-up: 4.200 € + VAT
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Website & social media

Each organization has their unique and authentic stories to tell. We help you get your stories out there: planning and producing Employer Branding content; ready-to-use templates for social media posts; publishing calendar for next 6 months.

Kick-start: 4.200 € + VAT (2 web + 6 SoMe piece of content)
Scale-up: 5.500 € + VAT (4 web + 12 SoMe piece of content)
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Current attractiveness

In this workshop, you get to examine your organization's attractiveness through four core areas (Existence, Challenges & Opportunities, Talent market, Brand) that influence growth, and find out the key areas for development. The duration is one full working day.

4.200 € + VAT
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Competitor analysis

Knowing what your competitors offer (benefits, salary model, culture) for talents helps you improve and stand out with different messaging and offering. Get an easy-to-read overview of 10 companies of your choice, and find your unique differentiation factors!

5.000 € + VAT
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Pull & push factors

Identify both the elements that improve retention and those that push people away from your company by letting us conduct interviews within your organization. The data will allow you to create authentic and truthful Employer Branding communication for your potential employees.

4.200 € + ALV
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Target group mapping

Find out what your target group thinks about your company! We'll conduct approx. 25 interviews with potential candidates to reveal insights about your attractiveness in your target group. Interviews can be conducted both in English and Finnish.

5.200 € + VAT
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Measure success

Employer Branding metrics

To develop your Employer Brand, you need data. In this workshop, you get to analyze your current EB activities, set goals for your EB work, learn about the most common metrics, and how to measure and utilize data.

3-hour workshop: 2.500 € + VAT
6-hour workshop: 4.200 € + VAT
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