Talent Stories
I was familiar with the IT-industry beforehand yet Talented introduced me to many new companies I hadn’t heard of before. I met with an interesting company right away and started working there in three weeks.
Jemina Lehmuskoski
Talented acquires interesting and tailored projects without me having to spend time and effort on sales. This way I can focus on my work while my agent does the project hunting.
Andreas Prudzilko
I launched my freelance career with Talented and had a project to work on from the very first day of starting my company. It was a painless transition from employment to entrepreneurship.
Antti Sulanto
Talented helped us to find our two-man company’s first project. We can focus on the work itself, instead of doing sales and marketing for our newly established company.
Jukka-Pekka Louneva ja Matti Suur-Askola