Elixir, safe yet practical – the impossible future

#Functional programming

Talented welcomes all fellow techies in Oulu to an after-work tech talk session on Wednesday 26th of February!


During the evening, you will find out the essentials about Elixir as a programming language with an interactive session hosted by Thomas O’Rourke. What sets Elixir apart from other functional programming languages, what strengths does it have, and how can you use it today?

The session will cover both a discussion and a live coding opportunity, so make sure to bring your laptop with. Joining the event also gives you an opportunity to get familiar with the bubbling community of Talented in Oulu, as you will be joined in the session by 20 other similar-minded people.



17.00 Doors open & dinner by Talented

17.15 Opening words by Tuomas Jomppanen, CTO at Talented

17.30 Thomas O’Rourke: Elixir, safe yet practical – the impossible future

18.30 Drinks, snacks and getting to know each other


Our expert of the evening, Thomas O’Rourke, is in many ways an anomaly in the Oulu tech scene – not often do you stumble across such a combination of experience, insight and originality when it comes to software architecture and expertise in developing complex systems. During his 30+ year career in many fields from fintech to security software, he has seen the world of architecture from Silicon Valley to Oulu. Currently, he is working as a technology expert at OP Financial Group, leading the internal innovation unit OP Lab’s technology team. Get on board on the Elixir train beforehand by reading his most recent blog post on LinkedIn and claim your seat at the event now!


The event is hosted by Talented – a community of almost 2000 experienced developers and designers that aims to disrupt the way IT-recruitment is done. We support our community members in searching for new challenges, pondering different career paths, discovering new projects to work on, and other things they might encounter during their careers. Our services are free of charge.

Talented’s events are aimed to all Talented network members, fellow techies and partner companies to entertain and educate about current must-knows in the world of software development.


The event will be held at Boija Works office in Oulu city center and is free of charge, but make sure you register beforehand, as the seats are extremely limited!

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Wed, February 26, 2020
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