Recruiter's Coding School
IT-recruiter, join Recruiters’ Coding School and take your domain knowledge to the next level!

Next course coming in Autumn 2020!

Boost your game 🚀

At Recruiters’ Coding School, you’ll concretely dive into the world of coding with a nice balance of theory and hands-on practice. You’ll gain a deeper industry knowledge which leads to richer discussions with your candidates – not to mention the improved candidate experience!

+ Course includes four whole day sessions
+ Training will be held in English
+ Lunch and snacks provided by Talented
+ No previous experience from coding needed
+ Price 1999€ + VAT (1799€ + VAT for Talented Partners)


The coding school will be held by Nur Sah Ketene, who has been working with software development roughly around 10 years, during which he has also held coding courses at the Haaga-Helia UAS.


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