Recruiters’ coding school

IT-recruiter, join Recruiters’ Coding School and take your domain knowledge to the next level!


At Recruiters’ Coding School, you’ll concretely dive into the world of coding with a nice balance of theory and hands-on practice. By joining you’ll gain a deeper industry knowledge which leads to richer discussions with your candidates – not to mention the improved candidate experience!

+ Course includes four whole day sessions on four following Fridays 25.10-15.11
+ Training will be held in English
+ Lunch and snacks provided by Talented
+ You only need an open mind, laptop and a charger with you



Introduction to terminal
– Installing tools and software

Basics of internet
– The birth of internet
– How internet works (www, http etc.)
– What are programming languages?
– History of JavaScript
– Emerging trends (What is coming up)

First web page
– Javascript (for interactivity)

Intro to programming
– Hello World
– Programming basics. (Strings, arrays, numbers, etc)
– Conditionals
– Loops
– Functions
– Classes

First Application
– What is a web application
– Structure of a traditional web application
– How a web application works (from client request to a response)
– How to design an application
– Setting the structure of the application
– Setting views, routes, models,

Intro to Version Control

Introduction to Databases
– Talking about different databases
– Designing a database
– Connecting database to an app

Deploying to Heroku (Optional)

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Date And Time
Fri, October 25, 2019
9:00 am-4:00 pm
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