Having coached TEDx speakers, Speakersforum keynote speakers, top-level executives and young professionals alike, our workshop coach Miika Karppinen has seen that great speakers are not born, they are made. Having himself grown from a shy, withdrawn kid into a stage-loving performer, he knows the road to greatness is open to everyone, no matter the starting point.

As the main organizer for the Talk The Talk 2018 program, the public speaking phenomenon initiated by Slush, Miika is changing the way people see themselves as speakers. Join us and give yourself a chance to learn, grow as a speaker and most importantly, see that public speaking can be fun!


Public speaking is something most of us need to do at some point during our careers. It can be presenting our ideas to our superiors, sharing our knowledge to colleagues at after-work events or giving presentations at big conferences. The situation can be very nerve-racking but after this workshop, you’ll have

  • learned tools for confident speaking: rock both on the stage and every day encounters at the office and on-site (for example internal meetings and customer appointments)
  • learned smooth communication and how to share complex (technical) information in an understandable and exhilarating way to others and especially non-technical people
  • received supportive and constructive feedback to develop your strengths as a performer further
  • learned an easy tool to make better slides: Design slides faster, easier and funnier without forgetting the better outcome
Date And Time
Tue, November 27, 2018
5:00 pm-8:00 pm
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Talented HQ Salomonkatu 17A, 8th floor
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