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The power of networking in talent acquisition: a recruiter’s guide

28 Aug 2023 by Maria Kotaniemi

This article is the second part of our series, where we dive into the importance of networking from a consulting business perspective. To highlight the importance and benefits of networking and meaningful connections, we want to continue sharing our findings focusing on talent acquisition and recruiter’s viewpoint specifically.

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Based on what we have learned while working with clients, networking and building trust helps you succeed better in your day-to-day work as a consultant and recruiter, and thereby meet and exceed the expectations set for your project. It really is the foundation for the client relationship and, from a recruiter’s perspective, successful hiring. It helps you attract the best talent, accomplish your hiring goals, and build an authentic, attractive employer brand through every interaction you have with the candidates.

When talking about recruitment and talent acquisition specifically, it is a lot easier for you to pitch a company and a community you personally know and you are part of, rather than hiding behind general information, company’s figures and ready-made pitches. Don’t get us wrong – the company key figures and informative job descriptions are important, but they only create a starting point for you to really describe what it is like to work in this company. It’s authenticity, honesty and openness that create trust between you and the candidate.

After being able to share authentic stories of the company and its people, it’s remarkably easier for you and the candidate to start figuring out if this would be the right next step for them. By verbalizing and painting a picture of ‘what your life would really look like in this company’, you provide the candidate with information they might not find in the job ads or company career sites – and that’s something that can really make a difference when the candidate is selecting their next employer.

How can you build a network that helps you succeed in your day-to-day work within talent acquisition? Firstly, don’t underestimate the importance of face-to-face communication and human interaction. Secondly, go out there, be curious, talk to your clients and the people around the company, and put effort into getting to know them. Finally, after the first steps, we advise you to leave your ready-made, polished company pitches in your drawer, and choose authenticity: share your own experiences and stories that create value for the candidate, and help them choose their next employer (hopefully you!).

It’s not about the ready-made pitches and lists of benefits. Isn’t it really about the community and people, how the employees treat each other, and what it really feels like going to work every morning? For us, getting to know the people is also the core and the best part of consulting. The project might come to an end, but the network and friendships you created will stay.

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