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Talented, New Things Co and Mavericks are now Witted

28 Sep 2021 by Maria Kotaniemi

There is a new player in the software consulting field. New Things Co, Mavericks and Talented are now Witted, a 300 talents strong software company.

This is the next step in Talented’s story towards world conquest. Our original idea was to build the best possible working life for software professionals. That same idea is still at the centre of everything we do.

Home of a happy developer

We now offer IT professionals several different ways of working.

Talented finds the best jobs and projects for IT professionals, taking into account everyone’s personal wishes and preferences. Talented is an IT expert’s own personal agent. In addition, Talented offers support for becoming a freelance software developer, from starting a business to running it and acquiring customers. 

Software consulting firm Mavericks combines the best of both worlds: an entrepreneur’s income and freedom, and the sales machinery and safety net of a consultancy. In addition to the industry’s highest salaries, Mavericks offers diverse projects and an autonomous and transparent company culture.

New Things Co is a software consultancy developed by its consultants that favours greenfield projects and teamwork. The company offers an extremely communal, empathetic and inclusive working environment for experienced developers and designers. At the heart of the culture are learning, experimenting and experiencing new things.

Witted is the parent company of all three and ties these three operating models together.

Witted builds software capabilities

For customers, Witted is the one that wins the talent war on their behalf. Witted finds ways to make software developers happy so that customers have the best talent at their disposal. In addition, Witted builds its customers’ software capabilities and teams.

Talented, New Things Co and Mavericks: Witted companies

Each of the three merging companies offers software professionals a unique and successful employee value proposition and working model. That’s why Talented, Mavericks and New Things Co will each continue to exist independently as well. These brands and their promises are not going anywhere. We do not want to break what is already working excellently. Together, we are stronger, but we still retain our own identities. 

One Witted, several services

Under Witted’s roof the customer gets everything they used to from these three different companies: independent software consultants, the best software developers, project deliveries, support for developing recruitment processes and employer brand, as well as extra hands on deck for recruiting IT professionals and executives. For our customers, this is reflected in integrated, seamless teams that are more than the sum of their parts.

The change from the customer’s point of view is straightforward: current talents, contact people and service offerings will remain the same. Thanks to closer cooperation between the three companies, there will be a broader range of experts and services.  


More important than a single name is that together we are stronger. Under Witted’s umbrella, New Things Co, Mavericks and Talented, more than 300 ICT professionals are working to build software capabilities for their customers and a better working life for their talent. With new models for software work life, Witted benevolently conquers the world.


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