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Talented introduces Advisory Board

07 Jun 2018 by Maria Kotaniemi

Talented is forming an Advisory Board that consists of Talented community members. The main purpose of the board is to help Talented listen more closely to the needs and aspirations of its community.

One of our main goals at Talented is to help developers and designers find and land their dream jobs. In order to do that we have to listen closely to them who we’d like to help. Therefore, they should be invited to participate in our strategic work,” says Talented’s CTO Tuomas Jomppanen.
The newly formed Advisory Board will meet four times a year with Talented’s board of directors. In the meetings, the members of both boards will discuss Talented’s strategy and future steps.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to bring the voice of the community to the discussions and give advice on strategic movements to the board of directors based on the community’s needs,” Jomppanen continues.

The first members of the Advisory Board will be announced at summer party on June 7th. They are selected by Talented and they will represent Talented community members with different backgrounds. In the future, the Advisory Board itself is going to decide if they want to add new members to the board.

More information
Tuomas Jomppanen
CTO, Talented

Harri Sieppi
CEO, Talented

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