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Talent Story – Irina Koski, Software Developer

13 Feb 2018 by Maria Kotaniemi

Talented specializes in helping senior developers find the best IT jobs and projects. Here Irina Koski, a software Developer who describes her experience with Talented as “the easiest way of finding a new workplace” shares her experience with Talented in more detail.

Who is Irina?

“Live long and prosper.” -Mr. Spock 😊

My name is Irina Koski and I’m currently working at Citrus Solutions. I came to Citrus from Digia Plc, where I was working on a couple of projects. In one of them, I worked with Angular 4, TypeScript, .NET Core and Entity Framework. Before Digia I had been working as a software developer at Avanade with BizTalk integrations, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and .NET.

I’m a citizen of two countries: Finland and Russia. I was born in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia of the Russian Federation, where I got my Master’s degree in Philology and Teaching of Finnish and English languages in 2008. After graduation I worked as a teacher of languages and a translator for a couple of years. In 2010 I decided to learn something new and applied to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences for Business Information Technology program. I graduated in 2014, and my specialization was software development. Lately, I became more interested in web development, and I’m grateful to Citrus for this opportunity to enhance my skills in this field.

On my spare time I like traveling, reading, role-playing (eg. D&D) and tabletop games with my friends, watching anime, fantasy and sci-fi movies and serials, doing some sports and trying new things. Here’s my LinkedIn profile if you’d like to know more about my career.

What hardware do you use?

I currently use ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM-FY165T 15.6″ gaming laptop with Windows 10 Pro for work. At home, I have several laptops including MacBook Pro and a workstation, all with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). I also have external monitors and a big electric adjustable table for convenient remote work at home.

And what software?

For development purposes at work I use Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, GIT, Azure and PostgreSQL for a database. I also use other IDEs outside work for my own projects, eg. Sublime Text and Atom.

What would be your dream setup?

Any powerful customized laptop with the latest hardware (processor, SSD and a lot of RAM), a couple of 4K monitors (35-50 inches) and of course all necessary peripheral devices.

What is your favorite programming language and why?

My favorite programming language is C#, but maybe just because I’ve been working with it more than with other languages. I’ve also worked with C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Scala, Visual Basic, Pascal etc.

How did you hear about Talented and how did your process go?

In the end of 2017 I wasn’t actively looking for a new workplace, but I decided to check what was out there. I got in touch with Talented with the help of my former classmate from the University, who works at Talented. We discussed my preferences for potential employers and I told that I would like to work for a small company with a flat organization structure, a company, which preferably works on its own product rather than operates only in the IT consulting field. Location and salary also mattered but were not the number ones on the list. Thanks to Talented I got a new job quickly at Citrus Solutions and so far, my new workplace has matched well with my expectations.

How did we do?

Talented made the process of finding me a new job as simple and painless as possible. I practically didn’t do anything besides going to interviews you arranged for me. Most of the communications with employers were handled by Talented on my behalf, and I was informed about the results on Slack or by phone. I was told in advance what was expected on my side at the interviews and you gave me useful tips. Also, Talented always provided me with feedback from the employers after the interviews, which was very valuable information. Long story short, it has been the easiest way of finding a new workplace in my life!

How would you describe Talented to your friends or anyone who is looking for new challenges?

I would certainly recommend Talented to anyone who is looking for new career opportunities. It will save your time and nerves. Talented employees that I encountered were all very professional and friendly, and it was a pleasure to interact with them.


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