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Outsourced recruitment assignment or in-house recruitment consulting?

10 Mar 2022 by Maria Kotaniemi

You are most likely reading this because your organization could use a little help in recruiting technical roles –  great news! We at Talented are more than happy to help. We offer two approaches to resolving talent acquisition challenges: outsourced recruitment assignments and in-house recruitment consulting. If you are unsure which approach would work for you the best, you’ve come to the right place! Below you can find thorough information on both.



Outsourced recruitment assignment

As a conclusion, an outsourced recruitment assignment is a good choice in situations when the hiring organization has clearly defined the target talent group and already has a solid foundation for both high quality recruitment process and candidate experience in place. In order for the recruitment assignment to be successful, the employer brand of the hiring organization must be attractive and the employee offering well defined and clearly communicated.

The competition for digital talent is intense. Therefore it is crucial to make sure that the hiring organization has enough time and resources to conduct the recruitment process from start to finish efficiently. In some cases, this means re-prioritizing ongoing projects and tasks to find enough time for the recruitment activities. 

To maximize the chances of success, we first sit down with the customer and check that the underlying conditions for a successful recruitment are in place. In practice, this means going through compensation levels, fringe benefits as well as role description and requirements to make sure they are aligned.

In-house recruitment consulting

In some cases it’s clear from the start that a recruitment assignment is not the right way to go. This may be due to e.g. the fact that the role and compensation do not match or the employer brand is not attractive in the eyes of the target talent audience, or it might be unknown to them. In-house recruitment consulting is a more suitable approach for this kind of situations and for tackling talent acquisition challenges.

An in-house consultant is onboarded to the hiring organization, very similarly to an in-house recruiter or talent acquisition partner. The weekly tasks of a recruitment consultant can vary between operative recruitment activities, developing recruitment processes and employer branding activities, depending on the needs of the hiring organization. One key goal of recruitment consulting is to  enhance the talent acquisition capability of the hiring organization.

It is worth noting that even though this option might sound tempting, changes take time and there are no quick fixes that would resolve the challenges in recruitment straight away. Hard work pays off in the long run, and creating efficient and candidate-friendly recruitment processes and working on growth strategies together with a recruitment consultant is a right step forward towards a brighter future in talent acquisition. You can read more about the different roles of a recruitment consultant here.


There is no one size fits all type of a solution for solving all talent acquisition related challenges. Let’s sit down together and see what would be the best way for us to help your organization to find the experts that you need!

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