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Finnish startup Huuva: where software meets fantastic food

17 Jun 2022 by Sonja

What do tacos and tech have in common? A lot, actually. There’s a new player in the Finnish food delivery business and we at Talented are excited to tell you all about it. Here’s how Huuva, a startup founded in 2021, is disrupting the industry and how the company boosted their recruiting with Talented:

Huuva in a nutshell

Many of us know the struggle of ordering food from a restaurant to a group of friends; someone wants pizza, another one salad, third one just can’t make up their mind. What if you didn’t have to choose just one restaurant to order from? Each of Huuva’s kitchens gathers multiple top restaurants under one roof, enabling consumers to order their favorite dishes from different brands in one delivery. Huuva kitchens are located in neighborhoods that are still lacking restaurant options, offering more delivery food choices for people outside city centers.

With the help of software and logistics, Huuva’s kitchens are designed for seamless delivery experience. The hyper-growth startup is on a mission to make great food available everywhere and they have ambitious expansion plans both locally and globally.

Salt, pepper and software

Huuva’s team of engineers develops Huuva OS, a platform that lets their chefs concentrate on cooking while the software handles the order, menu and delivery management. What makes Huuva different compared to its competitors is that in addition to developing their custom-made platform, they also run the actual physical kitchens in multiple locations. Their team consists of Chefs, Venue Managers, Software and Data Engineers and Business Developers with versatile backgrounds and work experience.

From the very beginning the company has found it important to focus on the tight cooperation between different teams and empower cross-functional teamwork, from developing the product to recruiting new team members. That’s why they have at least one team interview during their hiring process, so that potential and current employees have the chance to get to know each other. Huuva’s software team also works closely with other teams and developers even have kitchen shifts each quarter to see and test the Huuva OS in action.

Talented x Huuva

So how does Talented fit in the picture? When building a new company culture and writing the first pages of the company’s growth story, having the right team of people is crucial. As for many startups, resources and time can be very limited and usually recruiting is an additional task to someone’s daily work. In the beginning of the project Huuva was looking for in-house recruiters to take over recruitment and talent acquisition. They were also looking for a more strategic approach to recruiting and employer branding activities and ways to attract the best talent.

We started by defining Huuva’s current situation and future plans for recruiting and building their employer brand. Talented’s Recruitment Consultant then took the responsibility for Huuva’s active recruitments, allowing the team to focus on other things, but still involving them in the hiring and decision making process.

To help Huuva stand out and differentiate itself in the competitive talent market, we also focused on topics regarding employer branding and employee experience. Based on Huuva’s targets, Talented’s Consultants created a roadmap for building their brand, containing both internal strategic planning and external marketing activities to support ongoing and future recruitment efforts.

From the recruiting and employer branding perspective, Huuva has many target candidate groups with different skills, backgrounds and motivations. Talented focused on the software and business team recruitments. Moreover, Talented’s Consultant helped Huuva to hire a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the high-volume kitchen crew recruitments.

Huuva’s recruitment process was already in good shape. Talented’s Consultants mapped out all the current steps, pinpointed all necessary contact points and gave tips to elevate the candidate experience. The goal was to streamline the hiring process to cover recruitments for all roles in the company.

“It’s really valuable to get feedback from someone outside your organization. You might not notice everything if you are too deep in the day to day work. Especially noticing the good parts can be tricky. Talented’s strong experience helped us clarify our processes and brought structure to our recruitment activities.”Tiina Romu, Software Team Lead at Huuva

The journey continues

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Huuva and their team! If you’d like to join Huuva’s exciting growth journey and are hungry for new challenges in a hyper-growth startup environment, read their story and check out their open positions.

How Talented can help

Talent Acquisition Solutions – When you need an extra pair of hands to carry out technical recruitments or need support for streamlining the recruitment processes and attracting the right talent.

Employer Brand Consulting – We help your organization to utilize the power of your employer brand and attract the best IT professionals with minimum effort and cost, and reap the rewards of high employee retention.


In the future, every company will be a software company. To prosper in the digital future, winning the talent war is a paramount. That means succeeding across the entire employee lifecycle – attracting, recruiting and retaining the best IT professionals. Talented helps organizations to do just that through Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and building winning Employee Experiences.

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