Talented x ICEYE: Building Satellites and Imaging Earth

Welcome to get to know ICEYE and how they build satellites and take, process and analyze radar images!


In case you are not yet familiar with ICEYE, they built the world’s first microsatellite constellation of SAR satellites, which take images through clouds and in darkness. ICEYE’s crew analyzes and delivers the images to help governments and companies worldwide to provide emergency response, fight climate change, and keep the seas safe, among other things.

At the event, ICEYE team will allow us to their laboratory and share their story with us. We’ll hear how they design and build satellites as well as how they take, process and analyze radar images.

Note that this event is for DEVELOPERS only. We apologise for the ones who are left out.

Also, you’ll be asked to sign NDA at the venue. This is a very unique opportunity to get to know ICEYE and how satellites are designed, built and analyzed, and we hope that you respect the NDA.

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Date And Time
ke, 6 marraskuun, 2019
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
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