Support for your job hunt
Job hunting sucks. That's why the hottest Talent of the market could also use a little support every now and then.

We believe that every developer should have an Agent, just like athletes and actors. Your own dedicated person, who does the research and markets your know-how on your behalf, and who always has your best interest in mind.
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Insights you don't find from companies' websites

Leave the detective work to us: We'll provide you with information about the culture, recruitment process and salary levels of the employer of your choice.

We're happy to go through companies' public financial numbers and (bi)annual reports with you. This might sound super dull, but you can find lots of valuable information form the reports.
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Perspective before applying

Join the Talented Community of over 2000 developers and other shapers of the digital world, and discuss what kind of experiences others have from the employer(s) of your interest.

Over 150 top-tier companies belong to our community, and you can discuss directly with the companies' decision-makers on our community Slack.

You'll be wiser after the conversations: Is the employer of your interest still a potential one after hearing others' experiences, and would joining their ranks take your career to where you want it to be?
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Support for preparing for interviews

Putting your professional know-how in the spotlight can feel stressful even without the extra pressure the interview situation causes. Our Agents will prep you for job interviews by briefing you with the hiring company's recruitment process and the basics of selling your expertise.
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Support for salary negotiations

What are the most common stumbling blocks of salary negotiation? Do you know what's the salary range of the company of your interest, is your desired salary realistic? Your Agent will teach you the best tactics for salary negotiation and arm you with information.
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Support for contract negotiations

Holidays, benefits, training budget. Over six-month-long trial period, unfair IPR. Your Agent will help you understand your rights, what you can ask for and when not to sign a contract. You can also get legal support through Talented for free.

What you can ask for in a job interview
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Join the Talented Community

Talented is a community for over 2000 developers, designers and other makers of the digital world. There are also over 150 partner companies’ decision-makers in the community, including CEOs, CTOs and recruiters.

The core of the community is to offer peer support for all things work-life and remove the asymmetry from the job-hunting process.

You’re warmly welcomed to the Talented Community even if switching jobs isn’t current right now. Our services aren’t going anywhere, we are always just a phone call or a Slack message away.

Our services are completely free of charge.