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Three Cool Things about Ruby

26 Feb 2018 by

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Ruby was created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz). It’s a programming language that was designed to maximize programmers’ happiness.
Ruby is a language where term “flexible syntax” gets a new meaning. It’s a dynamically typed object-oriented language with a really loose syntax, so it can be bent further than the spoon in Matrix movie trilogy.


Ruby has a specific way for defining a code block. You can use do and end or { } to define a block.

["Teemu", "Paul", "Wayne"].each do |name|
puts "#{name} scores!"

The code inside the block is run only if creates the file successfully.“basic_rules_of_secret_societies.txt”, “w”) do |file|
file.puts("1. Talented is building a secret society of experienced programmers")
file.puts("2. Goto 10")

You can call a block from a function.

class Person
attr_accessor :name, :email, :role
def initialize(role = :visitor)
self.role = role
end do |person| = “Tuomas” = “tuomas@localhost”
end=> #<Person:0x007ffe660fa980 @name=”Tuomas”, @email=”tuomas@localhost” @role=:visitor>



arr = ["Tuomas", "Maria", "Teemu", "Jasmin"]
reversed = { |s| s.reverse }
=> ["samouT", "airaM", "umeeT", "nimsaJ"]
secret_password = reversed.join()
=> "samouTairaMumeeTnimsaJ"

Filtering data structures without any side effects.

frameworks = {
"Ruby": ["Ruby on Rails", "Sinatra"],
"JavaScript": ["Express"],
"Python": ["Flask", "Django"]
# longer version do |key, values|
values.count > 1
=> {:Ruby=>[“Ruby on Rails”, “Sinatra”], :Python=>[“Flask”, “Django”]}# shorter version {|k,v| v.count > 1}
=> {:Ruby=>[“Ruby on Rails”, “Sinatra”], :Python=>[“Flask”, “Django”]}



if user.last_activity_at > 10.days.ago

Number is an object and it can have methods.

irb(main):001:0> 3.class
=> Fixnum
irb(main):002:0> 3.to_s
=> "3"
irb(main):003:0> 3.to_f
=> 3.0


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