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Six great Finnish software companies for non-natives

07 Nov 2022 by Maria Kotaniemi

If you are a foreign software developer either already working in Finland or hoping to relocate here, this article is for you! Here we introduce six great Finnish software companies for non-natives. These companies have ditched the Finnish language requirement and everything from documentation to water cooler -banters is handled in English. Furthermore, these companies know that in order to get the best talent, they need to look over Finland’s borders. If this type of diversity is in your ball park, you might want to consider these six great Finnish software companies for non-natives.


Aiming for perfectly optimized retail and working towards more sustainable supply chains and making the world a bit less filled with spoilage. Relex has office locations from Helsinki to Melbourne and Atlanta and everything in between. A truly global company with countless nationalities and efficient processes for relocation from all over the world.


Righware builds modern multi-screen UIs for the automotive industry. The company has attracted talents from all over the globe – 18 nationalities and counting. Rightware has created a well-thought-out relocation process and put a lot of emphasis on expectation management. After all, no country is as good as their postcards and “Visit Finland” -pamphlets make you believe. Rightware also has extensive discussions about everyday life in Finland with their potential international recruits.


Cargotec’s digital accelerator team creates data driven solutions that help optimize global cargo flows in ports, at sea and on roads – sustainably. As a developer at Cargotec, your playground is global and development teams are multinational. However, Cargotec didn’t turn international overnight – they have been building the mindset and culture for a long time.


Remedy is a world-famous gaming company whose multinational team is the home for some of the best game developers in the world. One of a kind company culture where employees’ happiness and wellbeing are taken close care of.  The latest game Control, like Alan Wake and Max Payne, has been tremendously successful. Alan Wake is one of the most popular games in the world and the sequel will be published in 2023!


Supermetrics makes data transfer between different platforms easy. The home of data is based in five countries: Finland, Lithuania, Singapore, Ireland and the US. From the board room to development teams and talent acquisition, Supermetrics is an international, English speaking company. With over 300 employees and countless nationalities, Supermetrics values and celebrates diversity and inclusion. They are ready to relocate talent globally and you can work from any location smoothly.

New Things Co

I wanted to include a consultancy to this list as well. In consulting, customers generally define projects’ language requirements, and in Finland that’s naturally often Finnish. However, New Things Co has chosen a different approach: their go-to customers are companies that are building digital products from scratch – greenfield – and who welcome super skilled English and Finnish speaking software consultants with open arms. Furthermore, diversity and inclusion are one of New Things Co’s top priorities.


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