Top 20 Software Development Workplaces in Finland 2018

Last year we published a Developer’s Top50 Workplaces -list which was a hit! This year we created a vote where anyone in and outside our network could vote for their favorite software companies and help us create a list of the best workplaces for developers. Of course, there is no such thing as one best workplace because we all value different things, but one thing is for sure: All the companies on this list are developer friendly.

Here it is, the top 20 software development workplaces in Finland 2018.

Company nameLocationTechnologiesComments
BitfactorHelsinki, OuluJava, JavaScript, DevOps, modern techsA design driven consulting company mastering design, software engineering and analytics. Big clients and interesting cases.
Columbia RoadHelsinkiRuby, Scala, PHP or JavaScript, Java/J2EE/.NET/C#A digital growth consultancy by Futurice with strong expertise on growth hacking, full-stack marketing and digital commerce.
EficodeHelsinki, Tampere, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, StockholmScala, Ruby, Python, Java, AWS, Azure, JavaScript, Node.js. React, Clojure, CI, DevOpsVersatile consulting company with super interesting customer cases. In addition to Nordic countries Eficode soon operates in Amsterdam too.
FraktioHelsinkiJavaScript, Scala, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, DockerClub-like, easygoing folks. A well managed company that wants to succeed.
F-SecureHelsinki, OuluJava, Python, JavaScript, C++ , C# Objective-C, Android, iOS, Linux, AWSFinland's gift to the world and THE place for those who are interested in information security. Many hackers' dream workplace. Also @Mikko works there.
FuturiceHelsinki, Tampere, London, Berlin, Munich, StockholmNode.js, Typescript, Clojure, Swift, Kotlin, SQL, NoSQLBig and fun consulting company. No doubt one of the nicest places to work at.
GoforeHelsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Swansea, MunichModern techs, Java, JavaScript, Docker, DevOpsConsulting company. One of the best operators in producing services for public sector. Big plus for offering development opportunities for junior developers.
New Things CoHelsinkiJavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Redux, RxJS, Ramda, Clojure, Scala, Java8, Spring Boot, AWS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DevOps, Machine LearningThe subsidiary of Reaktor. All about curiosity towards the newest technologies and the world. The pack of experts explore, experiment and stretch the limits in order to change the way consulting is done. Great place for personal and technical development.
NitorHelsinkiModern techs, Java, Angular, React, JavaScript, Clojure, AWS, Android, iOSDigital engineering company that has become one of the coders' favourite workplaces. Easygoing homies with great attitude towards working.
Polar SquadHelsinkiAWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, CI/CD toolsA fresh DevOps consultancy company that is growing fast. Polar Squad helps its clients' development teams become more productive at delivering software to production the DevOps way.
ReaktorHelsinki, Turku, New York, Amsterdam, JapanJavaScript, Typescript, Clojure, iOS, Android, Kotlin, SQL, AWS, Python, JavaAll Star consulting company and developers' all time favourite. Again, indisputably one of the nicest places to work at. Super skilled colleagues and interesting cases.
Reaktor Space LabHelsinkiC, Python, Docker, Gnuradio, LinuxEvery little boys' dream. An experienced developer truly gets to put hands on the mud and build satellites, ground stations and services on top of those.
SmartlyHelsinkiRuby, PHP, Redis, Python, JavaScript, Cassandra, DockeyInspiring company! Smartly has really skyrocketed as a business and is a great place for one's professional development.
SupercellHelsinkiiOS, Android, Java, C++Very convincing as a working environment, semi small development teams, enthusiastic atmosphere. The best workplace for a developer interested in mobile games.
Tomorrow TechHelsinkiJava, Scala, Clojure, KotlinDigital products with passion. Experienced team and great place to learn and work with interesting technologies.
UnityHelsinkiJavaScript, MongoDB, iOS, Android, OpenGL, Go, RedisGreat place for game enthusiasts. Interesting cases and a nice working environment where people don't hide their excitement.
UpcloudHelsinkiPython, React, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, KVM, Linux, SolarisDomestic cloud service provider. Excellent team and great product.
VincitHelsinki, Turku, TampereJava, C# / .NET, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, RubyBig domestic consulting company. One of the best workplaces in Finland, known for its supportive salary model.
WunderdogHelsinki, Berlin, LundScala, Clojure, Java, JavascriptMany of you might have found the company through their funny brain-teasers. A well managed, approachable and sympathetic competitor against the big consulting companies.
ZalandoHelsinkiJavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, Java, AWS, Scala, Go, Hadoop, Cassandra, Docker, ClojureEcommerce-giant that has put lots of biz effort to Finland. Great place for those who want to learn how e-commerce is done in the big world!


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