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Talented IT Recruitment Consulting

Good developers are hard to find, and even the most desirable places to work face strong competition. Talented is your coach-like work life buddy in developer-friendly recruiting from comprehensive start-to-finish assistance to finetuning a specific part of your recruitment process.


Our domain knowledge is unique and we want to share it with you.

How the work life buddying works

Your need

Would you need assistance with the following areas, we’ve got your back.


  • Assistance from start to finish when recruiting multiple technical or creative roles in the near future
  • Finding and attracting the right Talents
  • Assistance with technical evaluations and interviews
  • Streamlining your recruitment process
  • Long- and short-term recruitment strategies
  • Employer branding


In consulting we don’t put emphasis on the success fee. Only if the hired Talent is found through the Talented Community, the success fee applies. See the prices here.


We believe that in recruitment consulting charging by the hours is much more efficient and fair in the long run – we can focus on quality over quantity. Our consultants’ hourly price depends on the length, difficulty and scope of the case, but the typical price is 100€/h.

Genuine value

Successful recruitment is not the same as a signed contract of employment. As Talented consultants aren’t chasing success fees or trying to reach some fixed recruitment goals, they can focus on serving your needs and coaching your team to become better in developer-friendly recruiting.

What recruitment consulting has over traditional outsourcing?

Let’s say you’re outsourcing a single recruiting process to a recruiting company, which is like buying a fish fillet of your choice from the fish counter. In the case of Talented Recruitment Consulting, our consultants wear your swag and dive into the sea (job market) to catch the fish of your wish.


Our consultants are not stuck with certain procedures – these flexible chameleons change their game by every upcoming situation, and always keep their focus on creating value for you and your potential employees. Moreover, as said, they are not motivated by the success fee or fixed recruitment goals but serving your needs.


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Tommi Talja
Recruitment Consultant
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