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IT-recruiter, join Recruiters’ Coding School and take your domain knowledge to the next level!

At Recruiters’ Coding School, you’ll concretely dive into the world of coding with a nice balance of theory and hands-on practice. By joining you’ll gain a deeper industry knowledge which leads to richer discussions with your candidates – not to mention the improved candidate experience!

+ Course includes four whole day sessions on four following Fridays 25.10-15.11
+ Training will be held in English
+ Lunch and snacks provided by Talented
+ You only need an open mind, laptop and a charger with you

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Introduction to terminal
– Installing tools and software


Basics of internet
– The birth of internet
– How internet works (www, http etc.)
– What are programming languages?
– History of JavaScript
– Emerging trends (What is coming up)


First web page
– Javascript (for interactivity)


Intro to programming
– Hello World
– Programming basics. (Strings, arrays, numbers, etc)
– Conditionals
– Loops
– Functions
– Classes


First Application
– What is a web application
– Structure of a traditional web application
– How a web application works (from client request to a response)
– How to design an application
– Setting the structure of the application
– Setting views, routes, models,


Intro to Version Control


Introduction to Databases
– Talking about different databases
– Designing a database
– Connecting database to an app


Deploying to Heroku (Optional)

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Four whole day sessions:

October 25th 9am-4pm
November 1st 9am-4pm
November 8th 9am-4pm
November 15th 9am-4pm


Reaktor / Yliopistonkatu 4 / Helsinki


1999€ + VAT
1799€ + VAT for Talented Partners


You can either pay via Eventbrite or invoice. If you’d like to get an invoice, please enrol via email and ask for instructions.


Nur Sah Ketene
Lead Developer, Funzi


The coding school will be held by Nur Sah Ketene, who has been working with IT roughly around 10 years, during which he has also held coding courses at the Haaga-Helia UAS.



Janne Kuikka