Three software developers (Trondheim/Stavanger)

About department: The unit covers the natural gas trading process end to end. In addition, services are provided across commodities within risk and authority reporting, where solutions have already been established.

Production Responsibility and customer follow-up of the entire trading process then laid to this department. Central to the collaboration between applications and flow of data is the development and operation of integration solutions.

The department is responsible for operational follow-up of the proposed service purchase related to energyBOSS
the portfolio of back office systems.

The task will be to work closely with the business to ensure compliance to the regulatory requirements and implement solution in this area.

Needed is a solid software engineering background or an IT BA competence with technical competence. It would be beneficial with knowledge in Trading, risk and regulatory for energy trading. Datamodelling, SQL and interface development/maintenance Azure: Software architecture, application development Power BI and competence in Dashboard development Good with Git, visual studio.

More info will come, but if you want a project with datamodelling and this tech, let me know!

English speaking is perfect.
Most of the time on site, but can travel back and forth i periods. They have a traveling budget