Senior Developers x3 (remote)

Our customer is looking for a team of 3 senior developers for a relatively independent assignment with a gaming customer.

The project is about to build micro-service(s) for socket-level protocols for the purpose of setting up and receiving international games via the International Game Protocol (ITSP). The existing service is built in Fortran and is located on the OpenVMS platform and will be replaced with micro-services in modern architecture. The new services will be written in Kotlin, and the service will be replaced 1:1, all special solutions implemented in Fortran for specific partners need to be transferred to the Kotlin solution.

Details of the project and customer’s needs:
– The team must be an interplay, welded and self-propelled grouping that can independently sync the team’s progress and the need for help and coordination with the initiative and other input team deliveries.
– Everyone in the team should be able to test their and each other’s code as no pure dedicated testers will be assigned to the team.
– All three developers should be senior in understanding business requirements, reading general communication protocols, and be able to identify and navigate the parts of the protocol that can and have been interpreted differently by different international partners.
– An advantage but not a requirement is if someone in the team is able to read and understand the Fortran code in order to be able to identify undocumented requirements for the solution, but not a requirement as this competence is within the nearest teams and can be borrowed as needed.
– Agile project, the team must be able to report to and collaborate with IT project managers and IT product owners.

Competence profile:
– Kotlin / Java backend
– Microservices
– JPA / Hibernate / SQL
– Kubernetes / Openshift / Docker
– Messaging / JMS
– Github / Drone
– Maven

Allocation: Full-time / 100%, needs to be able to match Swedish office hours Distance within Sweden acceptable (remote from Finland is also OK), however, computer needs to be picked up on site. Occasional meetings may also require physical presence.
Language: Swedish or English.
Duration: Preliminarily requested from May-22 – Feb-23, can be adjusted as the customer works agile and there is uncertainty about the complexity of the assignment.