Senior Designer

Designing something that works in a smooth and beautiful way is a tricky art. If that is your ambition, we have something for you ☝️.

Our end-customer makes worklife better by concetrating on creating a more well-being and fun environment for employees. They’d need your Design skills to focus on their UI & design system development. You get to take part on UX discussion and should be comfortable with Figma (both UI-design and prototype building).

What this project is about:
* Continue with already made plans and work that is already in place.
* Taking responsibility for design decisions and presenting them to stakeholders.
* Testing your designs with project group, business and end users early and often.
* Articulating your thinking in a low fidelity manner and iterating your designs together with the development team.
* Enabling an effective feedback process, in both giving and receiving feedback.
* Respecting customer’s brand, accessibility guidelines and having a solid knowledge of UX patterns and cornerstones.
* Knowledge to modify design system that is scalable, modular and updatable.
* Working comfortably with remote tools and set ups.

The end-customer does meaningful work to better employee’s well-being and quality of life. They develop a service that is rudimental for positive employer benefits. It would be dapper if you’d be enthusiastic to use your amazing design skills to create better worklife.

Sounds like a great project? Great! let’s have a chat ✌️

Allocation: 100%
Start: Asap
Duration: About 7 months.
Location: Onsite-remote hybrid (Helsinki)
Language: Finnish language preferred (Project language is English)