Backend developer (PHP/Craft CMS)

The client is working on several applications used by car dealerships, installers and customers related to ordering and installing electrical car charging stations.
We’re looking for a developer who can replace the current backend developer as soon as possible. The project you’ll be working on is written in PHP/Craft CMS and acts as both aCMS and API used for (currently 5) frontend projects.
Some API actions will require you to integrate with one or more external APIs owned by third parties, outside of our control, which means you’ll have to communicate with their developers from time to time.

You’ll be working closely with the current backend developer in the start who will get you familiar with the business logic and how things work. You should however be comfortable working in a PHP/Craft environment and should be able to work independently of the current backend developer after a few weeks.

Apart from that, you’ll be working closely with the frontend developer, mostly about design of the API and the communication between backend and frontend.You’ll obviously need some solid PHP skills, but you’ll also need to know how to write clean code.

The current codebase can definitely be improved and you should not be afraid torefactor things to be more “clean”. We’re not looking for someone who can write code that just works. We’re looking for someone that can write code that solves complex problems, yetmake it look simple to someone who knows at least 1 programming language.

– Strong experience with PHP
– REST API design
– Familiar with deploying PHP applications to providers such as Digital Ocean
– Craft CMS
– ​big​ bonus-Experience with unit testing
– bonus-Experience with writing documentation for APIs
– bonus-Experience with GraphQL
– bonus (This is not currently used, but the frontend developer would love to start using this)

Language You need to be fluent in English.
Norwegian/Swedish would be a bonus for any(video)meetings with DEFA but is definitely not required

Remote is OK, though you’ll need to be available during CE(S)T working hours.