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International opportunities

Full-stack JS Developer

Our customer in Milan is looking for a Full-stack developer. Customer pays accommodation, daily allowance and trip to Finland once in a month.


Keywords: Javascript, Typescript, ES6, Babel, React, web framework such as Angular/Redux/Express, HTML, CSS, CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS), NodeJS, Single Page Apps, Full-text search engine (e.g. ElasticSearch, Solr), RDBMS (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB), Versioning (e.g. Git),Swagger.


Nice to have: Websocket, Distributed cache (e.g. Redis), Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence), Esperienza di progetti Big Data, Graph DB (e.g. neo4j, JanusGraph), JWT.


DevOps: Docker, docker-compose, Microservices management, API Gateway (e.g. Kong), AWS ecosystem.

Location: Milan
Tech: TypeScript, SQL, React, PostgreSQL, Node, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, Docker, CSS, AWS, Angular
Start: Asap
Duration: Contract is made for 3 months at a time

Java Developer(s)

Our customer is looking for Java developers with the following tech skills:
-Minimum 5 years of Java development experience
-Core Java 8
-Core Spring
-Test Frameworks (Junit, Mockito, Wiremock etc.)


Good to have experience:
-NoSQL ( MongoDB, DynamoDB
-Amazon Web Services
-Experience form the Connected Vehicle Industry is a plus


Green light showed for summer holiday. The customer is willing to pay accommodation.

Location: Gothenburg
Tech: AWS, Java, MongoDB, Spring
Start: Asap
Duration: 1-2 years

.NET, MS SQL Server, Angular and Microsoft Azure Cloud Developers

We don’t know much about this project yet but the customer is looking for .NET, MS SQL Server, Angular and Microsoft Azure Cloud -developers for a long project in Stockholm. The customer is willing to pay accommodation. More info coming soon.

Location: Stockholm
Tech: Angular, Azure, MS SQL, .NET
Start: Asap
Duration: 1-2 years

Kielitieteiden / NLP:n ja koneoppimisen osaaja

Requirement: fluent in Finnish. Maailmanluokan asiakas hakee Pariisiin suomenkielentaitoista kielitieteistä tai NLP:stä perillä olevaa tekijää. Koneoppiminen myös taikasanojen listalla.

Lokaatio: Pariisi
Tech: Machine learning ja NLP. AI kokemuksesta plussaa.
Aloitus: Asap
Kesto: Ongoing

Experienced Front-end Developer

Shout out to a senior frontend developer up for an international gig! A skilled team in Amsterdam is in need of your help. International and cool client.

Location: Amsterdam
Tech: Node.js, React
Start: 03/2019 (ideal)
Duration: 6 months

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Opportunities in Finland

Backend Developer/ Data Engineer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa Backend kehittäjä / Data Engineer, jolla kokemusta seuraavista: Integraatio- ja rajapintatoteutukset (REST API, XML, erilaiset legacy-tavat), tiedonhallinta, tietovarastot ja analytiikkaratkaisut,
graafikannat, linkitetty tieto ja JSON-LD, AWS/pilvipalvelut ja Clojure.

Lokaatio: Helsinki
Tech: Clojure, AWS
Aloitus: Asap
Kesto: 6 kk

Full-stack Developer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Etsitään full-stack kaveria tuotekehitys projektiin, missä kehitetään digitaalisia työkaluja ilmastonmuutosta vastaan. Kerta viikkoon olisi hyvä olla toimistolla, muuten etätyö ok.

Lokaatio: Pk-seutu/etä
Tech: React, .NET, Azure, Angular
Aloitus: 09/2019
Kesto: 6 kk, mahdollisesti pidempään

Full-stack Developer

Looking for a full-stack developer for an ongoing project located in Helsinki. Required core skills: Node, React, Postgre and Azure.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React, PostgreSQL, Node, Azure
Start: 06/2019
Duration: 9 months

FS Azure Developer, IoT related real estate system

Our customer is looking for a full-stack Azure developer who’s not afraid of handling a huge amount of sensor data. The customer has been building a real estate IoT related web portal for several years and it is already in production but now they need to add more developers to the team of 10 techies.

Everything is on Azure cloud and Azure IoT Hub is used. Other techs are Node and React. It is an advantage if you have previous experience from real estate automation stuff, and are familiar with the related protocols like MQTT and AMQP.

There is no specific project that you would be part of, instead, you would be part of the team that does continuous development for multiple different projects. Onsite allocation preferred, but 2 days per week can be done remotely.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: React, Node, Azure
Start: 08/2019
Duration: Ongoing

Full-stack Developer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haluatko edistää suomalaisten terveyttä? Haetaan tekijää pidempään projektiin Helsinkiin. Hallussa tulisi olla AWS, Node.js, TypeScript, React & SQL.

Lokaatio: Helsinki
Tech: AWS, Node.js, TypeScript, React, SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months, possibly longer

Full-stack Developer

Looking for an experienced full-stack developer for a medical company. You should be familiar with Azure/cloud/JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular) / WebGL, C# .NET, cloud-based architectures, basic DevOps skills (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.) i.e. CI/CD pipeline in Azure.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: .NET, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Docker, C#, Azure, AngularJS
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months

Back-end Developer

Looking for an experienced backend developer with the basic web frontend skills. You are wished to have delivered code to applications/systems that are in real use, hands-on experience with unit testing and test automation and a strong theoretical foundation in software development. The client also hopes that you’d also be familiar with the tech stack or eager to learn! Microservices platform built using RxJava, Springboot, Ansible, JSON, Kafka, Sorl, Hadoop, DB2.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Reactive Programming, SpringBoot, Ansible, Kafka
Start: Asap
Duration: Until the end of the year with a possibility for extension

Android Developer

Our customer is looking for an experienced Android Developer who would be equipped with solid Android development skills and Kotlin experience. Experience from creating networked apps that talk to the server over a REST API is required. It is also wished that you’d have created custom views in Android and are not afraid to implement the onDraw() method. You should also be familiar with the latest Android development practices such as Rx, Android data bindings, coroutines, functional programming, MVVM.


Keywords: Android, Kotlin, UI/UX , Material Design, Rx, REST, JSON, Scrum, agile, Git, TDD, test automation (UIAutomator, Espresso) and open source.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Scrum, Kotlin
Start: Asap
Duration: Until the end of the year with a possibility for extension

iOS Developer

Looking for a Senior iOS developer to join an existing iOS B2C mobile application project. Currently, the team size is 6 and the team is based in Oulu, Finland. The project is part of a bigger US-based multi-team project for a VC-backed company with a highly experienced team. There are US-teams working on the same codebase as well. Remote work is possible.


Swift with Custom UI
GraphQL, SnapKit, no storyboard, Redux
B2C mobile application

Location: Remote or Oulu
Tech: GraphQL, Swift
Start: Asap
Duration: 2 months

Mulesoft Developer

Looking for a Mulesoft developer for a long engineering project. You should also be familiar with React, Node and Typescript.

Location: Helsinki, Espoo
Tech: TypeScript, Node, React
Start: Asap
Duration: 12 months

Full-stack Developer

A startup is looking for a full-stack developer to help develop a decentralised social network. You should be familiar with AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap and e2e-testing. It would be great if you are familiar with computer science and decentralised databases, but it’s not necessary.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Node, JavaScript, AngularJS
Start: Asap
Duration: 3 month, possible extension

WebRTC expert

A webRTC expert is needed asap! More info coming soon.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: JavaScript
Start: Asap
Duration: 4 months

Java Developer(s)

Ahoy Java wizards! Our customer is looking for a developer with Java, Spring Boot, AWS (or Azure) skills. It would be great if you also had a little bit of experience from JS techs, for example, React, but the customer is not looking for a top-notch front-end magician.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: AWS, Azure, Java, SpringBoot
Start: Asap
Duration: 6+ months

Frontend developer with SEO skills

Looking for an “SEO” coder to help out the analytics guy. E-commerce project.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: JavaScript, React, SEO
Start: Asap
Duration: 3 months

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Project Manager

Our customer is looking for an MS Dynamics Nav ERP project manager. It would be great if you already had experience from international projects. Start asap, duration at least 6 months, possibly longer.

Location: Helsinki/ Espoo/ Vantaa/ Tampere/ Remote
Start: Asap
Duration: At least 6 months

Android Full-stack Developer

Here’s a super fun project where you’d get to build something cool from scratch.  This project’s senior team is looking for a full-stack developer who would also be comfortable with Android development and back-end.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: Java, Kotlin
Start: Asap
Duration: Ongoing

Java Backend Developer

Our client is looking for a Java backend developer. The customer is starting to build a totally new custom payment software which will replace current legacy systems.

The program is managed with SAFe model. Architecture stack: Java-based application, Redhat, Microservice architecture, OpenShift open source container application, Spring, REST-API’s, Rapid MQ, Oracle and MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Kafka.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, Spring, SAFe, Kafka, Oracle, MongoDB
Start: Asap
Duration: Long, more than a year

Senior Android Developer

Here’s a super fun project where you’d get to build something cool from scratch.  This project’s senior team is looking for a very experienced Android developer to lend his/her helping hands for 1-3 months.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: Java, Reactive Programming
Start: Asap
Duration: 1-3 months

React Developer with UX/UI skills

Our customer is looking for an experienced React developer with UX and UI skills. The customer has been building a real estate IoT related web portal for several years already, and it is already in production but now they need to add more developers to the current team of 10 techies.


There’s no specific project that you would be part of, instead, you would be part of the team which will do continuous development for multiple projects. Onsite allocation preferred, but two days per week can be done remotely.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: React
Start: 08/2019
Duration: Ongoing

UX/UI Designer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa UX/UI-kehittäjä sähköisten palveluiden kehittämiseen, mm. helppokäyttöisten ja käyttäjäkeskeisten käyttöliittymien ja käyttökokemuksien suunnittelu digitaalisiin palveluihin.


Käytössä mm. Sketch-, Abstract-, Invision- ja Realtimeboard-työkalut. UX/UI-kehittäjä voi toimia osaamisensa puitteissa mahdollisesti myös frontend -kerroksen järjestelmäkomponenttien kehittäjänä ja omalta osaltaan testaajana.


Aloitus mahdollisimman pian vähintään 60 % kuormalla ja täysipäiväisesti viimeistään 1.9.2019 alkaen.

Lokaatio: Espoo (3pv/viikko onsite)
Aloitus: Asap
Kesto: Ongoing

Senior Clojure Developer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme kehittää digitaalisia palveluja ja etsii tiimiinsä Clojure osaajaa.Oma-aloitteisuutta ja aktiivisuutta tarvitaan, kokemus konsulttimaailman koukeroista asiakasrajapinnassa katsotaan eduksi. Aloitus touko-kesäkuussa, mutta heinäkuun voi huoletta lomailla.

Lokaatio: Helsinki
Tech: Clojure, AWS, React, Java
Aloitus: Asap
Kesto: Vuoden 2019 loppuun

Senior Embedded Software Developer

Looking for a Linux C++ developer for a project making environmental measuring products. You should know your way around Yocto-Linux and modern C++.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: C++
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months

Senior Embedded Software Developer, Python

Our customer is looking for an embedded Linux (Yocto) developer, the main programming language is Python. The customer has intelligent measurement probes and this project relates to the central unit of those probes.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: Python
Start: Beginning of August the latest
Duration: At least 6 months

iOS Developer, URGENT

Looking for a native iOS developer, who would find it tempting to be the sole iOS developer in a small startup’s full stack team. The team is developing a content distribution system for large events – UX, Android & iOS, backend, SDKs. Project is ongoing with release looming on early fall. Primary work is iOS app development, it is a bonus if you could contribute to the SDK. Multinational team, English as the working language, remote work ok for some days of the week.

Location: Vantaa, ok to work remotely 1-2 days a week
Tech: Swift, Objective-C
Start: Asap
Duration: Until the end of August

Frontend JS Developer, WebGL

Our client has an urgent need for Frontend JavaScript developer who can handle WebGL stuff. Also if you know three.js and webAR, you are the perfect candidate for this project. Start asap, the duration is until the end of August but a really good developer can expect an extension.


Location is Helsinki city centre but your presence there is needed only about once a week. This project could be suitable for a developer who already has other part-time projects ongoing since the minimum allocation is 60%. Of course the 100% allocation would be best.

Location: Helsinki/REMOTE
Tech: JavaScript
Start: Asap
Duration: 2 months, possible extension

Frontend Developer

Looking for a senior frontend software developer to be part of a team designing and building the next generation B2B e-commerce payment solution. The first project is to create a B2B payment form that is compatible with iframes, mobile, and regular browsing experience. The backend uses Scala and MySQL and runs on AWS.


Looking for a developer with a good visual eye! Team language is English. Onsite at least half of the week.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Vue, Scala, React, JavaScript
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months

No projects for your interest at this time? Worry not, the projects change on a weekly basis so stay tuned! If you’re looking for something specific, please tell us what you have in mind. ↓