Talented Freelancer Projects

Here you can find all the available freelancer projects (that we’re allowed to talk about publicly) for Talented Freelancers. If you’re a member of the Talented Network, contact us on Slack or at hello@talented.fi if you find an interesting project. Note that the projects change on a weekly basis so we encourage you to stay tuned if there are no projects for your interest at this time.


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Android Developer

A team of ~20 easy-going techies is looking for an Android developer to help with an application that’s going through a digital transformation. If you’re into playing with new technologies and working with people who have a contagious positive drive, this could be a project for you!

Location: Helsinki, remote work 1-2 days/week is okay
Tech: Native Android, Kotlin, RxJava, Docker, MVVM, Backend on GraphQL API
Start: Asap
Duration: Ongoing

Data-Ops / DevOps

This team is looking for a skilled DevOps developer to work in a technically challenging environment. To succeed in this role, you’d need to have a spirit of a consultant, experience of DevOps and lots of initiative. Most of the work is amidst DevOps and production.

Location: Helsinki, remote work 1-2 days/week is okay
Tech: SQL Server / SSIS, Microsoft Master Data Services, Azure SQL/Data factory/Event Grid
Start: At the earliest 1/2019
Duration: At first 6months, overall duration is long

Android Developer

A small team with great responsibility is looking for an Android developer to help with developing popular apps (in total 1 million users). The team is given lots of freedom and can manage its work independently. Lots of effort is and will be put on reliability and usability.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Android. Kotlin, Java, RxJava, RxKotlin
Start: 1/2019
Duration: Ongoing

Scrum master, Milan

For this project, you’d need great social and communication skills as well as experience from modern technologies and working as a scrum master. Agile mindset.

Location: Milan
Tech: Modern technologies
Duration: 3 months at a time

MS Architect / Fullstack developer (requirement: fluent in Finnish)

Etsinnässä tekninen arkkitehti / full-stack developer, joka hanskaa Microsoft työkalut ja jolla halua suunnitellajatoteuttaajärjestelmänkehitysratkaisuja laajemmallarintamallakaikkienkehityskerrosten (back-end, front-end ja pilvipalvelut) osalta. Ketterien kehitysmenetelmien tulisi olla tuttuja ja tekijän pitäisi pystyä omaksumaan uusia teknologioita nopeasti ja kommunikoimaan sekä suomeksi että englanniksi.

Lokaatio: Jyväskylä / Tampere
Tech: C#, API-rajapinnat, REST / oData, Angular, Material, KendoUI, Azure Service fabric, Azure Event Grid, CosmosDB, Scrum, Safe

iOS Developer

The team is looking for an iOS developer for a Video Streaming Service Development project.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Swift/Objective-C
Start: 01/2019

Front-end Developer

Front-end developer looking for a helping hand of a fellow front-end developer.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React, Redux, HTML5 canvas, CSS, animation know-how is a plus
Start: Asap

UX/ Visual Designer

Online esports. General revisualization and UI planning.

Location: Remote
Start: Asap
Duration: Unknown

Azure/C#/.NET Developer

Our client is looking for a developer who masters all or some of the following: Azure, C# and .NET. The person must have experience from the energy industry.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: Azure, C#, .NET
Start: Asap
Duration: Long (ongoing)

Front-end Developer

Looking for a front-end developer friend for a UX/Visual designer.

Location: Remote
Tech: Vue
Start: Asap
Duration: Unknown

Solution Architect

The team is looking for a helping hand for creating architectural solutions for modern microservices.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Cloud services (AWS/CG/Azure), integrations, REST
Start: Asap

Product Owner, Milan

The team is looking for a product owner for a Telecom domain. This project is based in Milan, and the contract is made for 3 months at a time. The client will sponsor your living in Milan and flights to Finland once a month. If interested, please contact Jani at jani@talented.fi or on Slack @Jani_Talented.

Location: On-site, Milan
Start: 01/2019
Duration: 3 months at a time

Full-stack/DevOps developer

For this digital transformation project, the team is looking for a very experienced full-stack/DevOps developer who feels at home in the modern Node.js environment and knows Linux and cloud environments. Experience from programming, team leading, user interfaces (front-end), architectural design and testing are required. A large project with significant impact on our society.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, Node, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, REST API, Linux, Azure, Heroku, SQL, Object storage (Amazon S3), SSO
Start: Asap
Duration: Ongoing

Test automation

There are two roles in this project: Test automation developer and test automation tester. The first role is about automating as many features as possible, and the other role about planning the acceptance test cases and making sure that the other test cases are up to date, as well as helping other testers. Both roles require at least 10 years of work experience.

Location: Helsinki metropolitan area
Tech: Robot Framework, Python, interface testing
Start: Asap

Senior Data Engineer

As a Senior Data Engineer, you’d be responsible for providing technical solutions to solve business issues through the use and support of (big) data. You’d help to leverage machine-learning and analytics use cases to build new data-driven products and services.

Location: Helsinki, Berlin or Munich
Tech: BigData and Machine Learning skills: Scala, Hadoop, Spark, R, Java, Python, Strong NoSQL, document database and unstructured datastore skills, Comfortable with UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, BSD and so on
Start: Asap

Angular/Java/JavaScript developer x2

Etsinnässä kaksi kokenutta Angular/Java/JavaScript kaveria pitkäaikaiseen projektiin pääkaupunkiseudulle.

Language requirement: fluent in Finnish

Location: Pk-seutu
Tech: Angular, Java, Javascript
Start: Asap
Duration: Pitkä


This self-organized agile team is looking for a DevOps specialist to work amidst platform development, QA, deployment tools/processes, CI and open source components. Deployment on different cloud platforms including OpenStack, AWS, Eucalyptus. Work with Ansible, Terraform, Python, Bash and cloud APIs, as well as platform components like Mesos, Marathon, Docker, etc. General problem solving and Linux skills are needed on daily basis. The working environment is global, flexible and agile.

Location: Espoo, on-site
Tech: Linux, Jenkins, CI, Docker, Python, Ansible, cloud environment
Start: Asap
Duration:  Commitment for at least 6 months is desired, the contract is made for 3 months at a time


Asiakkaamme etsii DevOps osaajaa, jolla on vankka ymmärrys AWS -arkkitehtuureista sekä käytännön osaamista AWS teknologioista ja niiden implementoinnista. Työ vaatii hyvää ymmärrystä pilvipalveluiden hyödyntämisestä sovelluskehityksessä. Kubernetes osaaminen sekä kokemus mikropalvelu-arkkitehtuuriympäristöistä ja korkean tietoturvallisuuden ympäristöistä ovat plussaa.

Language requirement: fluent in Finnish

Lokaatio: Helsinki, mahdollisuus työskennellä 100 % työpanoksella
Tech: DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes
Aloitus: 11/2018
Kesto: Toistaiseksi

Kafka specialist x3

Looking for three pairs of hands with strong know-how of setting Kafka in production. Some of the three can be operational side -oriented and some software -oriented.

Location: Espoo
Tech: Go, Docker, Mesos/Kubernetes, Linux filesystems/volumes (XFS, LVM), Linux networking (Iptables/Ip Virtual Server/eBPF etc.), Prometheus/Grafana, OpenStack, Ansible, other distributed data systems (Cassandra, ElasticSearch).
Start: Asap
Duration: At least until next summer

.NET architect / Team lead

Here’s a project where we’d need a super experienced .NET architect or team lead. It would be great if the person had some previous experience from the energy industry too.

Location: Helsinki area
Tech: Microsoft stack, Azure
Start: asap
Duration: Ongoing (long)

No projects for your interest at this time? Worry not, the projects change on a weekly basis so stay tuned! If you’re looking for something specific, please tell us what you have in mind. ↓