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All in all, I have a very positive feeling about Talented. It feels like they really want to know you as a person and find you the perfect project. It also feels really good as a sole trader to have one shield between you and the client, to have Talented to secure you.
Robin Pettersson
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En keksi mitään huonoa sanottavaa tähän mennessä! Meininki on ollut reilu, ei vedetä välistä, vaan parikin kertaa on tarjoukseen sanottu, että ota enemmän hintaa tästä.
Joonas Ranta
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Talented acquires interesting and tailored projects without me having to spend time and effort on sales. This way I can focus on my work while my agent does the project hunting.
Andreas Prudzilko
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Talented allows me to focus on doing my best job for the client. That’s my most important goal with freelancing.
Jordan Thomas
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I launched my freelance career with Talented and had a project to work on from the very first day of starting my company. It was a painless transition from employment to entrepreneurship.
Antti Sulanto