What is Talented?


Talented is a secret society of experienced makers of digital services. We established Talented to change how IT recruitment works and turned the focus from companies to talents. Essentially, we are building a community where we can provide value to our members. Our community is two-sided, there are over 1700 Talents and 140 partner companies. We are developers, software engineers, designers, DevOps, product owners and project managers who are shaping the digital world.

We bring value mainly in three different ways:

  1. Finding new jobs for job-seekers
  2. Finding new projects for independent consultants
  3. Organizing events to educate and entertain our community

Our services are 100% free for Talents.


I am a [your role/title] and looking for new work opportunities. Do you have open positions for Talents like me?

At the moment the most in-demand skillset is Fullstack Developer with JavaScript (ES6, React, NodeJS) and solid experience from a few programming languages as well (Java, Python, Go, Ruby).

BUT, any experienced developer or designer can apply to Talented as we are not here to fill companies’ needs but your career goals and needs. Very often our partner companies don’t have open positions, but they will create one if interested in your profile.

Do I commit to something if I apply?

By applying to Talented you do not commit to anything. You can stop the process at any time and if you find a new job on your own, that’s totally okay! The most important thing for us is that you’ll achieve your career goals and enjoy yourself at work.

What is the application process for job-seekers?

Each member will apply for membership. First, you submit your application. We review your application, and if it looks good, we invite you to a meeting.

The meeting is a one-hour discussion, where we assess the professional skills of the applicant. We talk about how they got started, what’s their job history like and what they would like to do in the future. The personal needs and criteria for the future job are also discussed, as well as the applicant’s career goals. We have some technical questions so we can verify your technical skills. If it’s possible, we would also like to see some of your code.

How hard is it to get accepted?

The baseline for Talented membership is that you are good at what you do, and you have a track record to prove it. We expect you to have at least 5 years of work experience.

Yay, I got accepted! What happens next?

Three things:

  1. We build a profile of you. Think of it as a mini-CV. It has a list of your professional skills, and a few paragraph description based on your job history and the meeting.
  2. You become a member of the Talented community. You get access to our members-only Slack.
  3. We start matching you with our partner companies that match your preferences and career ambitions. Our partner company representatives have access to our “Talent portal” where all our job-seeking talents are listed. If they find what they like, they can initiate the interview process from there.

What matching process? Explain like I’m five.

Based on your profile and your preferences, we build a list of potentially fitting companies. Then we contact each of those companies and see if your profile is something they are looking for. The companies can use our portal to search the talent they need, but we also actively represent our Talents to our partner companies. (Represent = sales process)

If both parties (the Talent and the partner company) are interested, we start scheduling the first interview. After that, the process follows the recruitment process of the company.

If everything goes smoothly, the Talent finds a job, and the partner company finds an employee. We support our Talents during the whole recruitment process, smoothen the path and provide guidance along the way.

My current employer is your partner, are they able to see my profile?

No, we can hide your profile from a specific company.

We can also put your profile into a “Hidden Matching” mode, which completely hides your profile from all of our partner companies. Even though your profile is hidden, we can do our matching process.

We are very strict about the privacy of our Talents. Switching jobs is a huge personal transformation, and we understand the sensitiveness of the matter.

What about remote work?

The possibility of remote work depends on the partner company. Some of our partner companies are 100% remote, some of our partner companies are open to remote work, and for some companies, the remote work is not an option, for a variety of reasons.

What about other roles in software teams?

In a typical software team, there is a project manager role, a designer, a few QA people, and many software engineers. This is why there is such a high demand for programmers.

Due to the lower demand of roles as designers, QA, product owners and project managers, we keep the bar higher. To get accepted into our community, we expect at least five years of relevant job experience and technical skills with these roles.

Independent technology consultants

Do you serve independent technology consultants?

Yes, we have a rather big number of freelance consultants that we help find new projects. The freelancers will go through the same application process as job-seekers: Submit application – application review –  meeting.

How does this work? Explain like I’m five.

In order to use Talented’s outsourced project hunting, you’ll need to apply to the Talented Community. After you are accepted, you’ll get to tell us about your skillset and self-development hopes as well as your hopes and needs for future projects – We’ll pay attention to all of these when searching and suggesting projects for you.

Your CV will not be sent to the end customer before discussing the project with you and getting your permission.

We have a great rotation mechanism – When your current project is about to end or you want to, for one reason or another, move to the next project, you can see all our open projects through the tool we have built for freelance consultants and notify us that you’re open for new adventures. We offer you a window to the market, which makes planning the future easier.

What kind of projects do you have?

Typically, the projects are 6+ months long, on-site with 100% allocation. Of course, there are exceptions too. You can check the open projects here.

A large number of software projects that our partner companies start are Full-stack development. The most used technologies at the moment are JavaScript, React, Java and Node.js (this is the situation in 08/2019).

Hourly price and invoicing

As a Talented Freelancer, you’ll decide your own hourly price and bill us your working hours at the end of the month. We’ll pay it within 14 days. Talented will bill the end customer.


What kind of services are there for companies?

We help companies with the following, to name a few:

  • Challenging, single tech recruitments
  • Ongoing needs
  • Recruiting multiple technical roles in the near future
  • Freelance consultants for urgent or fixed-term needs

Read more about our IT Recruitment Consulting services here.

I have a need for a certain type of developer/freelance consultant, how to get things started?

Please get in touch at hello@talented.fi or through this form. After that, we’ll schedule a meeting with you to hear more about your company and the recruitment needs.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We are interested in working with modern, like-minded companies who endeavour to be the leaders in their field. Your work environment must represent today’s world in having modern ways of working, a relatively flat hierarchy and spread autonomy – your company should be built on trust towards individuals.

Is it really free until I actually hire someone?

Yes. If you find a new colleague through Talented, the following prices apply.

We are a small company looking for projects, can you help us?

Yes, we are happy to help you find projects! We also help bigger companies that have their own staff on the bench to find projects. See the currently open projects here.