Freelancer projects
Here you can browse our open projects. The projects change on a weekly basis so we encourage you to stay tuned if there are no projects for your interest at this time. For more information about the projects and Talented's free outsourced customer acquisition, please get in touch with Tiina ( or Jani (, or apply for community membership!
339 - Senior infrastructure consultant, Oslo

We are seeking a senior infrastructure consultant with expertise in Citrix / virtualization / VDI / virtual desktop infrastructure for a customer in Oslo. The customer has a number of initiatives and projects underway, and needs help with tasks related to this. Initially, this is a contract of approximately 6 months.


Required skills / technologies

– Applications: Exchange, Active directory (AD), AD Federation Services against Azure (ADFS), Microsoft 0365 incl Teams and skype for business
– Infrastructure:  Backup & restore based on Veeame software, ESX Hosts VmWare
– Databases: MS SQL

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: Azure, MS SQL, Office 365
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months
346 - Test automation developers, Milan

Our customer is looking for two test automation developers to join an interesting project in Milan, Italy (actually 25km to Milan, 15 to Monza). The focus could be “brutal” tool expertise for the other developer and processes and quality systems for the other.


The project is about creating a new test team, test processes and test tool environment for existing projects. Hands on development and discussing with the customer. Keywords: test design, test planning, unit testing, test automation, system testing.


The customer will pay daily allowance, accommodation and traveling.

Location: Milan, Italy
Tech: Python, Scrum, SAFe, DevOps, Robot Framework
Start: During Q1 2020
Duration: End of 2020
10 - AgileCoach, Scrum Master, PO, Vimercate

Our customer is looking for several AgileCoaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners in Italy, the domain is telecommunication. Keywords: Scrum Master, SM/PM, SAFe, PSM, PSO, IPMA, PMI, ISTQB.


The contract is made in three month periods at a time, but the candidate should commit at least for 6 months. The customer will pay daily allowance, accommodation and travels.

Location: Vimercate (25km from Milan), Italy
Tech: Scrum, SAFe
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months, option for longer
295 - Embedded SW System Engineer, Oulu

Our customer in Oulu is looking for several Embedded SW System Engineers, The first one could start in January 2020 and next after the onboarding of the first one. Preferably, the candidates should have experience from mobile phone programs.


System SW team is looking for low-level engineers who understand SW/HW things including processor and peripherals as well as the Linux drivers. The customer is building a  new product so some debugging related things are expected.

Location: Oulu
Tech: C, C++
Start: January 2020
Duration: Not known yet
302 - Senior Java developer

Looking for a Java developer for telecom domain. Magic words: Java, Kubernetes/containers, DevOps. It’s an asset if you have experience from telco charging thingies.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps
Start: Asap
Duration: 12 months
266 - FPGA / VHDL developers

Our customer is looking for several FPGA-designers to develop i.a. base station products for their customer needs. In this position, your job would be something in the field of defining, designing, implementing, testing and verification of FPGA/VHDL solutions.


Needed skills:
– previous experience in FPGA/VHDL design
– Familiarity with VHDL tools such as Vivado, Xilinx, Altera, Modelsim
– You know the terms SoC, L1 and your way around Matlab
– Ability to work both independently and in a team
– Ability to communicate and write documentation in English
– C/C++/UVM system Verilog are considered a big plus

Location: Espoo/Tampere/Oulu
Tech: C, C++
Start: Asap
Duration: More than 6 months
321 - Designer

Looking for a designer for a white label product. It’s an asset if you have experience from e-commerce projects and speak Finnish. Onsite Helsinki 2-3 days a week for a few months.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Adobe -tools
Start: Asap
Duration: 3 months
353 - IT-Arkkitehti

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. 

Logistiikka-alan asiakkaallamme on tarve kokeneelle arkkitehdille, joka ymmärtää myös liiketoiminnan päälle. Vaatimuksia:

-Osaamista integraatioista ja määrittelyistä
-EDIFACT osaaminen
-Web ympäristöt
-Visual Basic, C#

Location: Helsinki
Tech: C#, Integrations
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi
358 - Senior Rust Developer, Tampere

Our customer is looking for a senior Rust developer with application development and console command coding skills.

Location: Tampere
Tech: Rust
Start: Asap
Duration: Not known yet
355- Embedded Linux developer, Tampere

We are looking for a developer for following tasks:
-Embedded Linux related tasks
-C/C++ coding for low level SW
-Matlab / Simulink tasks
-SW Verification tasks
-Continuous Integration tasks
-Code re-factoring and optimization
-Code maintenance and bug corrections


General interest on embedded system aspects, processor architectures and signal processing are appreciated. Start asap, duration is not known yet.

Location: Tampere
Tech: C, C++
Start: Asap
Duration: Not known yet
356 - CI osaaja, Oulu

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme Oulussa hakee kokenutta CI osaajaa. Pitäisi olla kokemusta CI systeemin rakentamisesta alusta alkaen (tähän täytyy kyetä itsenäisesti) sekä hyvä ymmärrys CI flowsta ja ASIC/SoC -puolesta.

Location: Oulu
Tech: Jenkins, DevOps
Start: Asap
Duration: Ei vielä tiedossa
357 - Senior Test Automation Engineer, Tampere

Not much info about this project yet, but Python, (embedded) Linux, CI/CD tools and Robot Framework skills are definitely needed. Start asap, duration not known yet.

Location: Tampere
Tech: Python, Jenkins, Robot Framework
Start: Asap
Duration: Not known yet
359 - Senior .Net/Azure devaaja, teollisuus

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Etsitään .NET/Azure osaajaa pitkään 100% allokaation projektiin.


– Kokemus pilvipalveluista (ymmärtää isoja kokonaisuuksia, miten palapelin osat liittyvät toisiinsa)
– Ymmärrys pilvipalveluiden arkkitehtuurista ja niiden tuottamisesta
– Web-teknologioiden tunteminen
– Verkkotekniikoiden tuntemus
– DevOps -mindsetti
– Frontti -devaukseen intressit ja/tai kokemusta ; vähintään perus ymmärrys

Location: Espoo
Tech: C#, .NET, Azure, Node
Start: Asap
Duration: Vuosia
372 - BI Developer, Oslo

Our customer in Oslo needs support with taking the Microsoft services and Power BI offerings to the next level within existing applications.


The consultant will mainly work together with a cross-functional team developing and operating the Nordic customer portal. The consultant will also be supporting the Digital Office (IT department) in establishing offering of Power BI as a product. The customer has developed a customer portal to support interaction with industrial customers and large consumers. The portal is among other functionality offering reports and visualizations of data to both external and internal users. The system is built with new technology in the cloud (Azure), integrated with Power BI Embedded.


The customer portal team is seeking an experienced BI developer. The work in scope is:
– Implement new functionality, data models, dashboards and reports in the portal using Azure Analytics and Power BI.
– Supporting the business in development and operations of their own models and reports.


The department Digital Office is seeking an experienced consultant in Power BI to assist with:
– Building up an environment and governance for offering Power BI as service
– Delivering Power BI services to the business connecting to trusted sources and providing self-service dashboards to decision makers


– Development and implementation of BI solutions in projects
– Support in the Power BI initiatives already launched
– Help the customer to build competency on Power BI
– Contribute to the architecture governance on Power BI and Microsoft Power applications


You must have experience in:
– Transforming functional requirements from the business to technical BI solutions.
– Advanced and high-quality development of data models, reports and dashboard using Power BI, Analyses Services or similar.
– Dimensional modelling and good knowledge of SQL.
– Data performance optimisation.
– Row Level Security
– MS Power Apps (Power Automation and Power Apps)
– MS Office 365
– General Azure competence.
– Fluent in English

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: Azure, SQL, Office 365, Power BI
Start: February
Duration: 5 months
371 - FPGA, Oslo

Must have experience in FPGA design, develop, maintain using VHDL. It is a plus if you also have expertise in some or all of the following: C/C++, Assembly, Python, Java, Bash scripting.


This is a three-month on-site gig in Oslo. An extension is possible.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: Java, C, C++, Python
Start: Asap
Duration: 3 months
374 - Data Engineer

Looking for a data engineer for a project starting at the end of February / beginning of March. You should know your way around relational databases, Lambda, Kinesis, Redshift, EC2 and ECS, etc. It’s an asset if you know data vault. 60-100% allocation onsite.

Location: Helsinki/Vantaa
Tech: Relational databases, Lambda, Kinesis, Redshift, EC2, ECS, AWS
Start: February/March
Duration: 3-4 months
379 - DevOps & Test Automation devaaja, Tampere

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakas arvostaa koodaus osaamista. Tulisi olla kokemusta seuraavista: Jenkins, CI, Linux (ei kernel tuunaamista, mutta sujut Linuxin kanssa), Kubernetes (ei niinkään pystyttämistä vaan käyttökokemusta), infraosaamista. Toiveissa että Cucumber olisi hallussa mutta myös joku vastaava framework (esim. Selenium, JUnit, RSpec, PHPUnit, Capybara) ok.

Location: Tampere
Tech: Jenkins, Kubernetes, Robot Framework
Start: Q1 aikana
Duration: Vuoden 2020 loppuun
378 - 2 x Pilvidevaaja, Tampere

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakas etsii pidempään projektiin tekijää, jolla hallussa seuraavat:


– Kubernetes, osaa pystyttää clusterin tyhjästä.
– Linux (system services, tools, networking, scripting)
– Pilviosaamista ja joku stack syvällisesti hallussa (esim. AWS, OpenStack..)
– Koodaus (containers/service oriented/microservices/distributed services architecture..)
– Kokemusta julkaisuputkista ja CI:stä
– Kokemusta pilvinatiivista (esim. 12 factor app, redundancy, availability, etc.)
– Ymmärrys big data analytiikasta (big data analytics, message queues, APIs and bare metal servers..)

Location: Tampere
Tech: Java, Python, AWS, OpenStack, Jenkins
Start: Q1 aikana
Duration: Vuoden 2020 loppuun
376 - Embedded devaaja

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Etsitään embedded devaajaa osaksi vajaan 10 hengen tiimiä. Osaamisvaatimukset: Embedded Linux, C/C++ Python, (fronttia Javascriptillä, sekava kirjo), Linux-järjestelmätason (Yocto, Cortex 9) osaamista pääasiassa haetaan, lähiverkko-osaaminen tulee myös pöydälle (TCP/IP).

Location: Espoo
Tech: JavaScript, C, C++, Python
Start: Asap
Duration: Ongoing
380 - Software Engineer, remote

This project is remote and the client is open to either a 1-month full-time or a 2/3-month part-time solution. The client is developing an advanced simulation and control solution, making robotics and automation more predictive, adaptive, and context-aware.


The developer will take an existing piece of simulation software written in Python and rewrite the functionality in C++ in order to integrate more tightly with the existing codebase. The candidate has to be very comfortable in understanding Python and writing production-ready C++. Experience writing simulation software or working with robotic/automation processes will be helpful but is not necessary.


The candidate will be reporting directly to the CTO and will have full access to the development team (currently 4 members) for assistance in understanding the context and architecture that their C++ code will be integrating with. It is understood that before coding begins, a few meetings will take place between the candidate and the CTO to understand current Python work as well as the final deliverable in C++. It is also expected that the candidate will be in contact with the CTO on a weekly basis to update on any progress as well as highlight any roadblocks or issues as they occur. This weekly communication can be mutually agreed upon between the candidate and the CTO.

Location: Remote
Tech: C++, Python
Start: Asap
Duration: 1 months (FT) or 2-3 months (PT)
381 - Full stack developer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa full stack tekijä Helsingin kaupungin kasvatus- ja koulutustoimialan asiakastietojärjestelmä-hanke ASTI:in. Techit: Java, React, AWS. Vaaditaan vähtintään viisi vuotta relevanttia kokemusta.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, React, AWS
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi
389 - SQL kehittäjä

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Etsinnässä Senior SQL Developer tekemään finanssi puolella toimivalle asiakkaalle liittymää. Kesto 03.02.2020 – 30.06.2020, 100% allokaatio.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: SQL
Start: 3.2.2020
Duration: 5 kk
390 - Sharepoint kehittäjä / Telecom

Preference: Fluent in Finnish. Telecom domain asiakkaamme etsii Sharepoint kehittäjää. Asiakas toivoo vahvaa Sharepoint kokemusta viimeisistä versioista ja että tekijällä olisi halu tehdä nimenomaan Sharepoint-kehitystä. Yhteiskunnallisesti merkittävä loppuasiakkuus. Kesto 01.02.2020 – 01.07.2021, 100 % allokaatio.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Sharepoint
Start: 1.2.2020
Duration: Pitkä, 2021 kesään
388 - Tech lead / Finanssidomain

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaalla olisi tarve kokeneelle arkkitehti / tech lead -tyyliselle osaajalle, joka voi ottaa omistajuutta maksupalvelun lisäarvopalveluiden arkkitehtuurista laajemmin. Aiempiin kokemuksiin nojaten tässä positiossa on tarpeen laajan React Native-osaamisen lisäksi AWS -puolen tuntemus. iOS ja Android natiivikielten osaamisesta ei ole missään nimessä haittaa, mutta eivät ole välttämättömiä. Kesto: 03.02.2020 – 31.12.2020.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React Native, AWS
Start: 3.2.2020
Duration: 10 kk
393 - Embedded devaaja

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee sulautettujen järjestelmien osaajaa jolla on TCP/IP -stäkki ja C++ hyvin hallussa. Lisäksi plussaa peliautomaatio-osaamisesta. Tämä voi olla vähän harhaanjohtavaa koska kyseessä ei ole uhkapeli tai pelipuolen tekemistä eikä asiakas liity pelaamiseen millään tavalla. Aloitus heti kun sopiva kaveri löytyy, kesto toistaiseksi.

Location: Espoo
Tech: C++
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi
392 - Projektipäällikkö

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Hakusessa projari, ei kuitenkaan ihan perus softakehitys projari koska käyttöönotettavassa järjestelmässä ei oikeastaan tehdä sovelluskehitystä yhtään. Sen sijaan järjestelmässä tullaan tekemään erittäin paljon yrityskohtaista konfigurointia, joka menee erittäin syvälle asiakkaamme ydinliiketoimintaan.


Osaaminen pitäisi koostua jotakuinkin seuraavanlaisista kokonaisuuksista:
– Projektijohto (applikaatiot + käyttöönotto)
– Azure-pohjaiset DW-ratkaisut
– Järjestelmäosaaminen (ei syväosaaminen) jostakin raportoinnin järjestelmästä
– IBM Cognos, Adaptive Insights, Jedox, yms. valideja
– BI osaaminen PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau täytyy katsoa tapauskohtaisesti, koska ovat hivenen erityyppisiä kun meillä haettu kokonaisuus
– Projektiluonteisen liiketoiminnan kokemus on ehdottomasti eduksi

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Azure, Power BI
Start: Maalis-huhtikuussa
Duration: 3-6 kk
400 - Full stack developer for Fintech domain

Our customer is looking for a full stack developer to join their team which is working on fintech domain. It’s an existing product development case. The tech stack is not the usual one: C#, Node and frontend has been built with ELM.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: C#, Node
Start: Asap
Duration: Not known yet, probably ongoing
397 - Full stack devaaja

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa kokenut full stack kehittäjä asiakkaalle. Avainsanat: Java, Node, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5
REST-rajapinnat, Linux, palvelinhallinta Iaas-ympäristössä (esim. Azure) ja sovelluskehitys PaaS-ympäristössä (esim. Heroku), SQL, Object storage (esim. Amazon S3), tietojen salakirjoitus ja autentikointi (SSO). Tällä kertaa painotus on infra ja low-level asioissa.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, JavaScript, CSS, AWS, Azure, Node, Heroku, SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi
401 - Senior developer, Oslo

Looking for an experienced C# and .NET developer! In this project, you’d take ownership of a project that involves creating programming tasks that reflect real development environments and also build scoring models. The project has a high strategic value for the customer, and we can guarantee that it will be super exciting to work on this. In addition, you will work closely with the CTO, CPO and technical team on other parts of the roadmap.


You can choose to work on this as a fulltime employee or as a freelancer and see this as a long project (at least one year). If you decide to go fulltime on this, you will also get stacks in the company and you will have a very important role in our company where you own a strategic area and will help determine the roadmap. Plus, of course, it’s very fun to work in a startup where things go fast, and where your own efforts really matter to the company.


The customer values work experience from C# and .NET, and that you can work independently. It would also be amazing if you have worked in larger companies where you have been exposed to heavy code bases and legacy code.


The customer is willing to consider candidates outside Norway toom but on-site presence is needed at the beginning of the project.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: C#, .NET
Start: Asap
Duration: 12 months
402 - DevOps engineer

Our client is looking for a DevOps engineer. In this role, you’d be part of a team that works closely with Operations and development
teams to automate, implement, administer, and maintain build, deployment and monitoring systems. The customer wants to create an environment where there is a lot of freedom and autonomy, but at the same time, it’s guarded safely with automation that alarms about vulnerabilities and compliance requirements.


It is not required that your current title is Devops Engineer, this position fits for a Developer, who likes to work with infra and automation.
In this position, you will develop and maintain our next cloud-based infrastructure, help teams in creating build/deployment automation and cloud migrations. You will also implement new and emerging CI/CD/Devops technologies.


The customer hopes that you’d already have
-Experience from software development
-Proven track record of delivering things
-Experience in automated build pipelines, CI and CD
-Scripting experience in e.g Python, Bash etc
-Experience working with Linux environments.
-Experience working in an AWS, Google Cloud or similar cloud environment.
-Experience working with a wide variety of open source technologies.


You can impress the customer if you have (not mandatory!)
-Experience from Github Actions and Packages
-Experience from in data pipelines
-Experience in security and vulnerability check automation
-Experience from CI/CD for serverless technologies


Customer also values can-do -attitude, eagerness to learn, ability to work both independently and in a team.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Python, AWS, GCP, Jenkins
Start: Asap
Duration: Not known yet
406 - Frontend, backend tai full stack kehittäjä

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa frontend, backend tai full stack kehittäjä yhteiskunnallisesti merkittävälle asiakkaalle. Pitkä, vuosia kestävä projekti. Stack: Angular, .Net, JavaScript, MS SQL Server. Sijainti Helsinki, ainakin 3pv/viikko onsite.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: JavaScript, Angular, .NET, MS SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: Vuosia
404 - Senior Java Developer, Oslo

Requirement: Fluent in Norwegian. The customer envisions an experienced developer with knowledge of integration and technical architecture, as well as an interest in the driving environment and platform technology such as Kubernetes, Terraform and Helm. Experience with Java is a prerequisite. Understanding domain-driven design and service orientation is an advantage.


The area of responsibility extends from translating needs into solution proposals, implementing and rolling out code for production, and since monitoring and managing it. The assignment will consist of management and further development of applications, driving environment and pipeline for construction and deployment, areas where much is expected to change in the time to come.


Need to know: Java, Groovy, JSON, XML


Good to know: Docker, Kubernetes, Rabbit MQ, Camel, Spring Boot

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: Java, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months
403 - Backend developer (Java), Oslo

Requirement: Fluent in Norwegian. In this project, you’d manage and develop on an older thick-client system for monitoring and configuration management. Advanced business logic. Mostly backend work. Customer will perform a security clearance.


Stack:Java 8, SQL, Swing GUI-framework.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: Java, SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: 6-12 months
227 - Embedded developer

Looking for an embedded developer for a client working with virtual reality. Keywords: STM32 based MCU, USB, SPI, I2C. 50% remote work ok/ 50-100% onsite Helsinki. Duration 6 months, extension possible.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: C
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months, possibly longer
426- Java developer

Looking for an experienced Java developer for a client in Espoo. Duration: 3-12 months, start asap.

Location: Espoo
Tech: Java
Start: Asap
Duration: 3-12 months
429 - Fullstack Developer

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa ohjelmistokehittäjä työskentelemään yhteiskunnallisesti kriittisen ja vaativan, viranomaisympäristössä käytössä olevan ohjelmiston kehitystyöhön pariin. Osaamistarpeet: 3+ vuotta kokemusta. Java, Javascript, Java Enterprise Edition.


Aloitus: 1.3. alkaen tai sopimuksen mukaan. Kesto aluksi 3-4 kk, jonka jälkeen sovitaan erikseen jatkosta. Allokaatio 100%.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, JavaScript
Start: 1.3.2020
Duration: 3-4kk, jatko mahdollinen
430 - Fintech project technical lead, Oslo + remote

Project technical lead needed for a Norwegian fintech company working in the payments space. In this project, you’d be working between commercial, new product development and partner implementations. Your role would be to bridge the gap between the commercial side of the business and the technology. You would also be involved in technical implementation of the solution with partner companies as well as involved in overseeing a process with multiple stakeholders.


The ideal candidate should have a strong development background, but the role will not involve much programming. The solution is developed, but work needs to be done on developing integrations with partner payment solutions via APIs.


This is a full time position in Oslo, with the possibility of a mix of on-site and remote work. The engagement is for a 12 month term and can translate to a full-time position for the right candidate. Norwegian or Swedish fluency is an asset.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: C#, .NET, Integrations
Start: Asap
Duration: 12 months
412 - Frontend/ Fullstack Developer, Oslo

This project is about development of services and sw modules for condition monitoring system with eg. dashboards in SVG. The Condition Monitoring system collects data from a variety of sources (relational and time databases and REST resources) and presents them through various dashboards that are constantly updated. Part of the project may involve rebuilding the backend using modern web technologies. The candidate can work in Oslo or Trondheim and can speak English.

Location: Oslo/Trondheim, Norway
Tech: JavaScript, AngularJS, MongoDB
Start: Asap
Duration: 7 months
431 - Solution Architect, Oslo

The customer needs a solution architect who is responsible for developing solution architecture and ensuring the realization of the architecture. The solution architecture will be prepared based on the guidelines and requirements the customer has for architecture, and with quality assurance from the line’s business architect. It is important that the solution architect manages to meet the client’s requirements for the project, and ensure that the solution architecture is realized in collaboration with the system supplier.



– Develop a comprehensive solution architecture in a project based on requirements and guidelines from the company

– Document and disseminate the solution architecture to project and enterprise architect

– Be responsible for the architecture being followed and realized in the projects, and take responsibility for change iterations when it is necessary to update or change the architecture requirements for the project’s solution

– Collaborate with vendor (s) to ensure that application and database get the best possible architecture and design

– Work with project and supplier (s) so that the deliveries follow the architecture

– Prepare and deliver design documentation for project solution (s)

– Participate in the preparation of functional and non-functional requirements

– Participate in evaluation of incoming offers

– Participate in implementation of solution from selected supplier and contribute to the preparation of new / changed processes

– Masters in IT is a bonus


Must have experience in programming / system development, desirable from .Net environment. The consultant is expected to have sufficient expertise to understand consequences of design choices (in collaboration with supplier (s)).


Desirable with experience in as many of the following areas as possible:

– procurement and implementation of standard systems
– cloud services (SaaS)
– rule implementation (rule engine)
– design of system integrations for interaction with external systems


Norwegian or Swedish is preferred.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: C#, SASS, .NET, AWS, GCP
Start: Asap
Duration: 2-6 months
428 - Fullstack developer, verkkokauppa

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa Fullstack-devaaja kehittämään verkkokauppapaikkaa asiakkuuteen Helsingissä. Verkkokauppapaikan alustan kehitystyö kanban-luonteisesti osaavassa tiimissä. Toimeksianto on pääsääntöisesti uuden tekemistä, tosin sisältää myös jonkin verran bugikorjauksia. Osaamistarpeet: PHP, Symfony, Javascript, React (tai muu moderni fronttiteknologia), Laravel ja AWS plussaa.


Startti mahdollisimman pian, kesto toistaiseksi. 100% allokaatio.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: JavaScript, React, PHP, AWS
Start: Asap
Duration: 12kk, mahdollisesti pidempään
432 - Projektipäällikkö eCommerce

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaallamme on alkamassa verkkokaupan uudistus, jonka toteutukseen haetaan projektipäällikköä. Yritys kustantaa aikakauslehtiä ja nyt verkkokauppajärjestelmä uudistetaan vastaamaan nykyisiä tarpeita, kuten maksutapoja, laskutusta, löydettävyyttä, hallintaa, jne. Alustaksi valitaan todennäköisesti Word Press ja WooCommerce. Projektin toteuttaa kumppani ja asiakas hakee projektin läpivientiin projektipäällikköä määrittelemään projektin tarpeet liiketoiminnan kannalta, auttamaan kumppanivalinnassa ja viemään projektin menestyksekkäästi läpi.


Tehtävään haetaan projektipäällikköä, jolla on kokemusta verkkokauppaprojektien menestyksekkäästä läpiviennistä, liiketoimintalähtöisistä määrittelyistä sekä kumppanihallinnasta. Etuna on kokemus WP:stä ja WooCommerce:sta sekä Jaicom Kayak -tilausjärjestelmän tuntemus, johon verkkokauppa integroidaan. Käytössä on SaaS -pohjaiset Anygraaf sisällönsuunnittelu ja -hallintajärjestelmä sekä Salesforce asiakashallintajärjestelmä.


Projektin aloitus on huhtikuussa, kesto ei vielä tiedossa.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: WordPress, Salesforce
Start: Huhtikuu
Duration: Ei vielä tiedossa
433 - Software Architect

Our customer is looking for an experienced software architect. There is A LOT of cloud things to handle. You should be able to compare different tech solutions and propose good alternatives for our client decision makers, help the development team do the implementation and most of all, put own hands in dirt and do magic.


Expected skills would be related to Cloud things in general, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, integrations, IAM, secure stuff and actual execution.
Start preferably asap. Duration will be at least till the end of 2020 and there’s a good chance that it will continue. Location is Helsinki and this time there is no need to sit tight at customer premises 5 days a week.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Integrations, Secure Programming
Start: Asap
Duration: 10 months, possibly longer
434 - Suomekielisiä Full Stack devaajia

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee useita FS devaajia uusien projektien aloitukseen. Tulisi olla kokemusta seuraavista: React Native, Node, Azure kehittäminen (Azure Functions, CosmosDB, Azure DevOps), Mobiiliapplareiden julkaisu, API design ja APIen julkaiseminen. Ei haittaa vaikka ihan kaikki vaatimukset eivät täyttyisikään.


Aloitus olisi maaliskuun alusta, kesto vielä vähän epäselvä mutta oletuksena että yli 6kk.


Location: Helsinki
Tech: React Native, Azure, Scrum, Node, Integrations, DevOps
Start: Maaliskuu
Duration: Ei vielä tarkkaa tietoa
427 - Javascript developer

Looking for a Javascript developer with scrum master experience for a project in Helsinki. Mobile development experience is a plus. Remote work is possible. Project starts during February / beginning of March, duration is 6-9 months.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: JavaScript, Scrum
Start: February/ beginning of March
Duration: 6-9 months
416 - Front-end / Fullstack web app developer, Oslo/remote

This project will begin towards the end of February. The developer must be on site for the first 1-2 weeks in Oslo (expenses paid by client). After that they can work from Oslo or remotely.


Full-time developer needed on a project for a Norwegian association. This will be the development of a large-scale portal with both customer facing and client facing aspects. You will be working from the start of the project with the design team to shape and develop the direction, and to implement and iterate on the design as needed. Technical stack unspecified, but the developer will be familiar with JavaScript frameworks and have experience on large projects with many stakeholders.

Location: Oslo/remote
Tech: JavaScript, React, HTML, SASS, CSS, MongoDB
Start: At the end of February
Duration: 4-5 months
425 - Broadcom / embedded developer

Looking for a Broadcom/embedded developer for a product development project in Espoo. Duration would be 3-12 months, start asap.

Location: Espoo
Start: Asap
Duration: 3-12 months
421 - Backend Developer x 3

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Pankin instant payment järjestelmä. Backend painotteinen projekti, maksumoottori ja integraatioita. Stack: JavaEE ja AWS API Gateway (AWS plussaa, ei pakollinen). Aloitus maaliskuussa, kesto vuoden 2020 loppuun.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, AWS
Start: Maaliskuu
Duration: 10 kk
435 - Azure Backend osaaja, vahva tietokanta painotus

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee nopealla aikataululla bäkkäridevaajaa. Merkittävä projekti jolla iso vaikutus! Julmetun datamäärän hanskaamisessa tietokantana toimii CosmosDB, Azure functionit käytössä eli kaikki on rakennettu Azuren päälle.
Aloitus heti, kestosta ei vielä varmuutta mutta arvio on yli 6kk.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Azure
Start: Asap
Duration: Yli 6 kk
424 - Mobile app developer, Oslo

Over the last year the client has developed a service aimed at people living in Obos buildings. The initial design and development have won a number of awards over the past year. The service is a web-app today, but the client is starting up a new initiative to make the service available as an app (ios/android). To help with this, they are looking for a highly skilled developer who has extensive experience with wrapping web-apps into apps on both platforms. The candidate must have proven experience with Swift, Kotlin or Flutter + good knowledge and experience with JS and web development + knowledge using Typescript is a bonus.


Position will be on-site in the heart of Oslo. The initial contract will be from 4-6 months with the possibility to renew after that. There may be a possibility to negotiate a partially remote work situation after some time, but this is not guaranteed. A fee to cover living costs for any developers from Finland can be negotiated. English speaking candidates are more that fine!

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: JavaScript, Kotlin, React Native, TypeScript, Swift, Flutter
Start: Asap
Duration: 4-6 months
422 - 2x Full stack developer, Tampere

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee telecom puolen projektiin kahta full stack osaajaa. Tekkilistaus: Clojure (vahvaa osaamista edellytetään), Python, Oracle SQL, käyttöliittymäkokemusta (React sekä muut vastaavat), kokemusta teleoperaattoripuolen järjestelmistä. Relevanttia kokemusta oltava yli 6 vuotta. Aloitus heti, kesto vuoden loppuun, mutta mikäli homma toimii niin jopa vielä pidempään.

Location: Tampere
Tech: React, Python, Clojure, Oracle
Start: Asap
Duration: 10 kk
420 - Full stack kehittäjä

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee nopealla aikataululla full stack kehittäjää Helsinkiin. Vaihtoehtoisesti käy myös vahva fronttiosaaminen. Plussaa AWS-osaamisesta.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React, SpringBoot, Docker, Node, Redux
Start: Asap
Duration: Ei vielä tiedossa
414 - Full stack developer, remote

Need a short-term developer to do some minor bug fixes and new features on a portal tool. Norwegian or Swedish language preferred, but English speaking candidates should apply. Company is located in Bergen but remote work is okay.


– Database (MSSQL)
– Back-end utvikling (C#)
– Moderne front-end utvikling (KnockoutJS brukes, men så lenge en har erfaring med rammeverk som f.eks. react, vue, angular så er det nok greit)
– Entity framework – Azure

Location: Remote
Tech: React, Angular, Vue, C#, ASP.NET, Azure, MS SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: 40 days
419 - Full stack kehittäjä

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Haussa kokenut full stack -ohjelmistokehittäjä, jolla kokemusta ja osaamista monimutkaisten ja transaktiovarmojen ja -intensiivisten sovelluspalveluiden toteuttamisesta ja ylläpidosta. Ohjelmistokehityksessä käytössä on JVM ja Node.js pohjaisia teknologioita. Ajoympäristöissä käytössä Dockeria sekä eri GCP ja AWS-palveluita.


Sinulla tulisi olla kokemusta:
• sovelluspalvelujen kehityksestä ja ylläpidosta pilvipalvelussa
• infraratkaisuista pilvipalveluissa (AWS/GCP) ja Kubernetes
• järjestelmäintegraatioista
• hajautettujen järjestelmien toteuttamisesta
• SQL tietokannoista
• Continuous integration and delivery – tekniikoista
• Ohjelmoinnista on oltava kokemusta seuraavista teknologioista: Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, Node.js;
• Sinun on oltava kyvykäs ja halukas oppimaan seuraavat teknologiat: React, Terraform, GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


Valinnassa eduksi katsotaan seuraavat asiat:
• kyky työskennellä osana ketterää devops-tiimiä
• kyky suunnitella, perustella ja toteuttaa kestävää ohjelmistoarkkitehtuuria
• halua ja osaamista tuottaa korkealaatuista sovelluskoodia
• kokemusta liiketoimintakriittisten palveluiden kehitys- ja ylläpitotöistä
• ohjelmointiparadigmojen monipuolinen tuntemus


Sijainti: Helsinki
Aloitus: Maaliskuun aikana, kesto 30.12.2020 asti (valitettavasti ei joustoa).

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Java, React, Kotlin, TypeScript, AWS, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes, Node, SQL
Start: Maaliskuu
Duration: 30.12.2020 asti
418 - BI -osaajia, remote

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Telecom asiakkaamme hakee BI osaajaa, BI on tehty Arcadian päälle ja haluavat nyt siirtää kaiken Supersetin päälle. Tähän tarvitaan parikin kaveria. Startti asap, kesto Q2, ehkä pidempään. Etätekemistä + muutama reissu Italiaan. Matkat, majoitukset ja päivärahat maksetaan.

Location: Remote
Tech: AWS, Azure, Oracle, SQL, DWH, Data Lakes
Start: Asap
Duration: 4 kk
415 - Frontend developer, Oslo

The frontend developer will be part of the team consisting of team leader, solution architect, test leader / delivery support and developers. The team has broad cooperation with other people and teams internally, as well as external partners involved in the management of the solutions.


The developer will focus on developing an app with the customer. Developers’ tasks, as well as their distribution and organization, may vary over time to ensure necessary progress, stability and flexibility within the team. Current tasks will be:

• Code management, bug fixing and development of an app

• Testing of App and related equipment, including payment terminal and receipt printer

• Contribute in technical and functional solution choices for the App

• Equipment setup


Experience with jUnit or Espresso testing
Experience with Android JetPack components
Norwegian/swedish B1

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: JavaScript, Kotlin, SQL
Start: Asap
Duration: 6 months
417 - Experienced Scrum master

Looking for a scrum master for a team of 15 people, including developers, UX designers and testers. You will be improving the ways of working in all the levels focusing on in team, PO and whole development pipeline improvement. You are mostly working with PO and development team + some key stakeholder groups and persons. You should have excellent skills in facilitating, working with team and helping on problem solving.  You also know how to measure team work and value; also experience using Jira and confluence is seen as plus.


• Strongly serving and supporting the Product Owner and Development Team in their quest to do everything possible to delight customers
• Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style and leading by example. This person should personify Scrum and Agile.
• Guiding and Coaching the Scrum Team and organization on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values to delight customers
• Guiding and Coaching both the Scrum Team and the Development team on how to get the most of out self organization
• Guiding and Coaching both the Scrum Team and the Development team on self-organizing to fill in the intentional gaps left in the Agile/Scrum frameworks
• Assessing the Scrum Maturity of the team and organization and coaching the team to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization
• Removing impediments or guiding the team to remove impediments by finding the right personnel to remove the impediment.
• Building a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis of healing and problem solving.
• Assisting with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
• Supporting and educating the Product Owner, especially with respect to refining(aka grooming) and managing the product backlog.
Skills and Qualifications
• First level Scrum Master certification
• Experience playing the Scrum Master role for at least three year for a software development team
• Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency
• Knowledge of numerous well documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach(example: numerous Burndown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc)
• Experience being on multiple Scrum teams in a variety of different contexts (different team sizes, different organizations, different cultures, co-located vs. distributed, etc)
• Track record of continued and recent education in Scrum, including training, conferences, user groups, self study, etc.
• Knowledge of other approaches discussed in the Agile space: XP, Kanban, Crystal, FDD, etc
• Knowledge and/or experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games
• Experience applying a wide variety of well documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach(example: numerous Burndown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs,etc)
• Excellent communication and mentoring skills in finnish and english
You will have excellent skills in team coaching, facilitating events for large group of people and complex contexts.


Required experience:
• Experience in Software Development (5 years +)
• Experience in Scrum Master work in multiteam and scaled environment (3 years +)


Period: 09/03/2020 to 04/05/2020

Location: Helsinki
Start: March
Duration: 2 months
410 - Suomenkielinen ohjelmistoarkkitehti x 2

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee julkishallinnon projektiinsa kahta suomenkielistä softa arkkitehtiä.  Aloitus heti kun sopiva tekijä löytyy, kesto vuosia.Osaamisvaatimuksia: React, Node, AWS, ohjelmistoarkkitehtuurien suunnittelu ja toteutus.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React, AWS, Node
Start: Asap
Duration: Vuosia
411 - Suomenkielisiä "junior" devaajia

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee useita suomenkielisiä junnudevaajia julkishallinnon hankkeeseen. Projektin kesto on useita vuosia. Tekkilistalla AWS, Node ja React. Lokaatio Helsinki, 100% onsite

Location: Helsinki
Tech: React, AWS, Node
Start: Asap
Duration: Vuosia
413 - Backend developer with C# and .NET, Oslo

Requirement: C1 Norwegian and B2 English. Backend developer needed to join Service API team. The team currently consists of 6 developers, 2 technical testers, team lead / product owner and developer / manager of .NET in traditional Microsoft environments.


Tasks may include:

• Develop backend services based on technical solution descriptions and user stories
• Prepare technical solution descriptions with associated integrations and components of the APIs and services
• Assist in technology selection
• Focus on design principles (scalable solution), design patterns and quality indicators
• Build domain knowledge and good business understanding within sales and the ticketing domain
• Communicate challenges and clarify solutions with the rest of the team


Experience in C#, .NET and SQL
Experience with complex application integrations and API development (REST, WS, XML, WebServices, SOA, GraphQL)


Start 1.04.2020, duration 6 months.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Tech: C#, .NET, SQL, GraphQL
Start: 1.4.2020
Duration: 6 months
409 - Suomenkielinen Scrum master x 2

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee kahta suomenkielistä Scrum masteria julkishallinnon projektiin. Kokemusta pitäisi olla yli 5v. Aloitus heti kun sopiva tekijä löytyy, kesto vuosia. Lokaatio on Helsinki, onsite 100%. Tiimin tekkilistalta löytyy React, Node ja AWS.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Scrum
Start: Asap
Duration: Vuosia
408 - Automaatiotestaajia

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish. Asiakkaamme hakee useita testiautomaatioasiantuntijoita eri projekteihin. Minimissään 3v kokemus testiautomaatiosta. Python ja Robot Framework pitäisi olla jo hyvin hallussa.

Location: PK-seutu
Tech: Python, Robot Framework
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi
407 - Testiautomaatioasiantuntijoita

Requirement: Fluent in Finnish.  Asiakkaamme hakee useita testausasiantuntijoita: Mobiilisovellustiimiin 1-2 testausasiantuntijaa, yksi pian ja mahdollisesti toinen keväämmällä. Nettikasinopeleihin/nettiarpoihin 1-2 testausasiantuntijaa/testaaja, yksi pian ja mahdollisesti toinen keväämmällä.

Location: Helsinki
Tech: Robot Framework
Start: Asap
Duration: Toistaiseksi