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    Open positions

    Huutokaupat.com / Lead Dev

    Location: Helsinki
    Tech: TypeScript, JavaScript, React and GraphQL are your main tools and if you know AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, Amplofy and/or S3, you're a champ.
    Language requirement: English

    This lead position would be for a new service in an auction platform with hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors. You don't need to be a "ready-cooked" Lead, but you're expected to grow into the role pretty fast. You'll get a lot of responsibilities but also support and freedom. Location is Helsinki and or Finland. Remote work is totally ok, but you're expected to visit the Helsinki office regularly.

    What would be needed? Well, passion for user -and product experience as it's super important to have the end user on the top of your mind when making decisions. Also understanding architectural concepts is a must.

    Backend Developer

    Location: Helsinki
    Tech: Strong Python and Linux skills
    Language requirement: English

    Our customer is on their way of becoming the world’s leading open-source DBaaS vendor and looking for a Backend Developer – Want to join the wild ride? The best part of Open Source projects, we think, is that you get to solve problems on behalf of other people so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our customer is a Finnish startup who does just that: They build a database infrastructure as a service solution for global market so that their customers, i.e. other developers, don’t have to worry about it. Remote work is totally fine, but some on-site visits are much hoped for.

    One special note is that the founders are also developers, so the company really has a strong tech know-how and is very proud of that. The multi-national team is super experienced as a big part of the employees have 10-20 years of work experience.

    Tulka / Backend Developer

    Location: Täysin etänä
    Tech: JavaScript/Node.js, webbifrontti ja mobiili plussaa
    Language requirement: Suomi

    Pieneen devitiimiin haetaan backend painotteista vahvistusta, kun asiakas rupeaa toden teolla skaalaamaan palveluaan. Asiakas on toistaiseksi luopunut toimistostaan kokonaan, joten osaamista pitäisi löytyä sen verran, että hommia pystyy paiskimaan täysin itsenäisesti etänä.

    Starship / Senior Backend Developer

    Location: Tallinn, Estonia or Helsinki, Finland
    Tech: GraphQL, NodeJS, GoLang and Kafka
    Language requirement: English

    Servers are where much of the magic happens. Fleet management, routing robots to customers over the most optimal paths, solving escalations from robots, third party partners and mapping.

    We are looking for you who are curious and interested in a broad range of technologies, passionate about solving real world problems, experienced in development of near real-time systems, experienced in database design & architecture, experienced in API design and integrations and comfortable with delivering value through agile development with iterative processes.

    To be set up for success in this role you would need to have experience with time critical systems and short response times, complex systems with high availability, good communication skills, experience with international teams and background in building eCommerce systems.

    Starship / Senior Mobile Developer

    Location: Tallinn, Estonia or Helsinki, Finland
    Tech: Experience in both React Native and native Android or iOS development
    Language requirement: English

    Starship is currently rewriting the mobile application that customers order goods, monitor the robots’ journey and location and open the locked cargo bay via. The rewriting makes the best time to join the tightly-knit team and have an opportunity to mould the direction Starship will be heading in.

    To succeed in this role you would need to have excellent track record and experience from a variety of product domains, passion for creating customer-facing services, skills and efficiency at building app experiences. Experience in daily hands-on collaboration with a variety of product and service design professionals, thinking in terms of long-term vision, but also approaching new experiences with a pragmatic outcome-oriented mindset, combining data-driven development practices with strong analytical skills and experience building for internal/partner/customer integrations with extensive use of different APIs and microservices.

    P3 Financial Group / Senior SW engineer

    Location: Ruoholahti, Helsinki
    Tech: Java, SpringBoot, SQL, NoSQL, Git, Maven, REST API, JUnit, testNG
    Language requirement: English

    P3 Cloudasset is a young, dynamic company headquartered in Helsinki with offices globally that has developed digital platforms for financial payment systems, digital banking and commerce.

    We are looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join fast growing innovations & development unit to work alongside a brilliant team of engineers that are creating the future of digital finance and payments.

    Responsibilities are develop high-quality software design and architecture, develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code. Mentor junior and mid-level engineers, code review and to work collaboratively with others to achieve goals.

    Silverskin Information Security / Web Application Penetration Tester

    Location: Helsinki
    Tech: HTTP
    Language requirement: English

    This opportunity is for a person who likes to break things. Hacker. Web Application Penetration Tester is the title. Full-Time job in Helsinki is the offering. Target person would be an artist whose imagination goes beyond the edges of the sandbox. Creative and analytical thinking combined with technical knowhow is something that peaks our interest.

    As part of employers end of the deal you are expected to exploit XSS/XSRF/SSRF-payloads and use virtual machines, Burp / Zap, nmap and Kali Linux. You are expected to be experienced in finding at least OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities from Web Apps. Also would be essential that HTTP is familiar to you. One of the key duties is also to explain problems and solutions related to the tests you do in Finnish and in English, but only with colleagues and customers (not with friends, fools or family).

    Data platform -arkkitehti

    Location: Espoo/etänä
    Tech: Azure, Snowflake, Synapse, Ms SQL, Redshift
    Language requirement: Suomi

    Asiakkaamme etsii Data platform -arkkitehtiä kaventamaan kuilua teknologisen ja organisatorisen kehitysnopeuden välillä.

    Data platform -arkkitehtinä suunnittelet ja toteutat data-alustoja eri asiakasyritysten tarpeisiin. Ymmärrät mistä paloista data-arkkitehtuuri koostuu ja osaat keskustella siitä niin liiketoiminnan kuin IT-puolen kanssa. Työ pitää sisällään asiakkaan tarpeiden kartoitusta, arkkitehtuurin suunnittelua ja toteutusta, integraatioiden rakentamista sekä datan mallintamista ja hallintaa.

    Data Engineer

    Location: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Lahti
    Tech: SQL/NoSQL, ETL/ELT, Python,R or Java, AWS or Azure
    Language requirement: English

    Our customer is looking for Data Engineers! The most important components in their data projects are cloud-based databases and different data storage methods, such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and S3, depending on the project. They develop data architecture based on software development practices and often using agile methods.

    In the Data Engineer role, your job is to design and implement technical solutions that include, for example, data modeling and integrations, data warehousing and cloud-based data pipelines.

    Lead Developer

    Location: Helsinki/remote
    Tech: React, Gatsby, Next.js, Electron, GraphQL, Typescript, Apollo Client, Cypress. Also: Serverless, Terraform, Docker, GitLab
    Language requirement: English

    Developer, care to lead a team in producing top-quality code and kick-ass websites for huge masses of people?

    Our customer, who operates in retail, is looking for a Lead Developer to lead a large web project. The IT-department is basically a company of it's own within the bigger corporation, and can work quite freely with a lot of autonomy. Agile methodologies and modern technologies are what they dig, hopefully you do too.

    You should be comfortable leading the website project from start to finish, be a people-person as you'd be coordinating other developers’ work and making sure the code is technically the best quality and be comfortable taking a partly responsibility of the project manager -role.

    Data Architect

    Location: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Lahti
    Tech: SQL/NoSQL, ETL/ELT, Python,R or Java, AWS or Azure
    Language requirement: English

    Would you be interested in working with the best talent in data, analytics and software development that Finland has to offer?

    The Data Architect role places you at the forefront of the Finnish digitalization. You will use your skills and vision to support the development of customers’ business, and you can also work in pre-sales together with account managers if you wish.

    In this role, you will map the current situation and outline future goals. You will describe to our customers the business opportunities ahead and how they can capitalize on these opportunities, in particular from the perspective of data and analytics. Your job is to design technical solutions that incorporate data modeling and integrations, data warehouses and cloud-based data pipelines, for example, and to implement them with a team.

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