Location independent Fullstack Developer
Free yourself from the shackles of onsite requirements – become a Senior Fullstack Developer and a digital nomad at Finland's first fully remote software consultancy! Work from anywhere you want, when you want.

Role requirements

We are looking for a team of eight Senior Fullstack Developers for our client that is a new flat-out remote software consultancy. The requirements are quite straightforward; you should know your way around cloud-based web-development and master classic modern technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js, React, AWS and/or Azure. We expect you to have at least 5 years of relevant work experience and to be fluent in English. This role offers the freedom to work from wherever and whenever you want.

Remote software development

Finland’s first fully location independent software consultancy wants to build a workplace that cherishes both nomad and Nordic working culture. Even though you can work anywhere and any time you want, you will not feel abandoned. A strong emphasis will be put in each and every nomad’s work-life balance, wellbeing and inclusion. The textbook example nomad culture will be built together.

“Our goal is to build a workplace that digital nomads can call home. Everything from building the location independent culture to developing the company will be done together. The feeling of belongingness is crucial for our success as people will be scattered around the world.Jukka H., CEO

There is no need to work at the same time, which allows developers to choose their own working hours and time zones. This is made possible by careful documentation and audio-visual recordings. Asynchronous work is the way to go. Chuck the mandatory attendance policies in the bin!

This exciting company is part of an international ecosystem of software consultancies. This provides the secure kickoff of the new company.

How to apply

Talented is the official recruitment partner of this unique case, and will pre-evaluate the candidates before introducing them to the company in question. The process goes like this:

  1. Get in touch.
  2. Our Talent Agents will get back to you to provide more information and answer the questions you might have.
  3. Validating your professionals skills.
  4. If both parties feel that it’s a great match, you’ll be introduced to the company’s CEO and CTO.
  5. Hopefully a happy ending!


Free yourself from the shackles of onsite requirements and become a digital nomad through this exciting role!

Got questions?

Saku Tihveräinen
Executive Agent
Aino Järvenpää
Talent Agent