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Software industry overview

Talented collects public data from the software market to analyze how the companies in the industry are doing. We examine the success of the companies through the number of employees, and use open data sources to collect the information. Please note that the data is directional and does not match the actual situation perfectly.

Below you can read what kind of data is examined in the newsletter.

Fastest-growing companies

This data examines the net growth of companies through the number of employees. Net growth is calculated by subtracting the number of employees leaving the company from the number of new employees. We track the best-growing companies both monthly and annual-basis.

Tire kickers

LinkedIn Recruiter provides the number of staff “open for new opportunities”, or “tire kickers” as we like to call it, and in this report we consider that as the risk metric for companies. The number seems to give a good picture of the percentage of staff that is partially dissatisfied or otherwise wants a change in their career.

Project market

We follow two metrics: The trend of open projects and available independent contractors, and the development of the number of private and public sectors' projects.

IT jobs

Duunitori provides data on the new IT jobs on a weekly basis. With this data we can mirror the 2019 numbers to 2020 and analyze the impacts Covid-19 has to the IT job market.


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