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Talented is a “secret society” of experienced makers of digital services. We established Talented to change how IT recruitment works and turned the focus from companies to talents. Essentially, we are building a community where we can provide value to our members. We are developers, software engineers, designers, DevOps, product owners and project managers who are shaping the digital world.

We bring value mainly in three different ways:

1. Finding new jobs for job-seekers
2. Finding new projects for independent consultants
3. Organizing events to educate and entertain our community

Our services are 100% free for Talents.

Job seekers

If you’d like to get your own agent, just get in touch by filling the form. We are able to help mid-senior techies with a proven track record the best. However, developers, designers and other techies of all levels are welcome to join the community.

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We are not here to fill companies’ needs but your career goals. Very often our partner companies don’t have open positions, but they will create one if interested in your profile. So in short, any type of techies can reach out to us!

Joining the community or getting yourself an agent does not commit you to anything. You can stop the process at any time and if you find a new job on your own, that’s totally okay! The most important thing for us is that you’ll achieve your career goals and enjoy yourself at work. You’re always welcome back to use our services.

First, apply for an agent by filling the contact form on our website. Like said, we are able to help mid-senior techies with a proven track record the best, so we’ll screen your skills and evaluate if we are the best career partner for you. If everything looks good, we’ll invite you to a laid-back meeting.

The meeting is a one-hour discussion, where we talk about your job history and what you would like to do in the future. Your personal needs and criteria for the future job are also discussed, as well as your career goals. We also have some technical questions so we can verify your technical skills. If it’s possible, we would also like to see some of your code.

Apply for an agent

The baseline is that you are good at what you do and have a track record to prove it. We expect you to have several years of work experience.

1. We build a profile of you. Think of it as a mini-CV. It has a list of your professional skills, and a few paragraph description.
2. We start looking for job opportunities that suit your needs and career goals and present them to you. We will then connect you with the employers of your interest.
3. If both you and the company are interested in each other, we’ll schedule the first interview. After that the process follows the recruitment process of the company in question. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll soon have a new job!

We are very strict about the privacy of our Talents. Switching jobs is a huge personal transformation, and we understand the sensitiveness of the matter. So no worries, our partners cannot see who explore their work opportunities through Talented.

The possibility of remote work depends on the partner company. Some of our partner companies are 100% remote, some of our partner companies are open to remote work, and for some companies, the remote work is not an option, for a variety of reasons.


Yes, we have a rather big number of freelance consultants that we help find new projects. The consultants will go through the same process as job-seekers: Apply for your own Agent by filling the form – skills review – meeting.

Please note that we are able to help mid-senior techies with several years of work experience and a proven track record the best as our customers mostly look for these kinds of Talents for their projects. Still developers and designers of all sorts and levels are welcome to join the Talented Community!

Join the community

If you want to make the most of the outsourced customer acquisition at Talented, all you need to do is to get in touch with our Agents by filling the form. We are able to help mid-senior techies with a proven track record the best as our customers mostly look for these kinds of Talents for their projects. However, developers, designers and other techies of all levels are welcome to join the community.

We want to know all about the technologies and projects you simply can’t wait to get to work with. We’ll set out to find projects that match your skill set and wishes, and present them to you. We won’t be waving your CV around town, but instead we’ll actually check that you’re interested in the project before contacting the client with you in mind.

We have a great rotation mechanism – When your current project is about to end or you want to, for one reason or another, move to the next project, our agents will start looking for a new project for you.  You can see all our open projects through the tool we have built for independent contractors and notify us that you’re open for new adventures. It’s easier to plan the future when you have a window to the market.

Normally our projects are 6+ month-long on-site projects with 100% allocation, but as always, there are exceptions.

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Each consultant is responsible for determining their hourly rate themselves and should invoice Talented at the end of each month. Talented will invoice the end client.

Talented doesn’t charge any commissions or other mysterious fees – for our Talents, our services are 100% free of charge.

No worries! Our job is to make becoming an independent contractor as smooth as possible. We can start looking for projects for you even if you haven’t established a company yet or are still employed. We’ll plan the start together with you so that there is no break in the billed work and you can jump into your first project right after when your term of notice ends. If requested, we will also support you in establishing your company.


We at Talented help companies to build and expand their own digital competences through recruiting IT and digital professionals and executives, outsourcing development work and growth consulting.

Software development consulting

We deliver pre-validated independent contractors from generalists to unicorns for all sorts of digital development projects.

Growth consulting

Our growth consultants solve your recruitment challenges from hands-on recruitment to developing recruitment strategies and employer brand.

Matchmaking services

When you need senior techies for either ongoing or single challenging needs, we recruit the best talents for you.

Executive search

Talented Executive search helps you find the digital leaders you need agilely, be it CTO, CDO or CEO.

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Please get in touch via this contact form or email us at hello@talented.fi. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your company and its needs!

Check information about our pricing here.

Yes. We help both small companies and teams find new projects. See the open projects or get in touch and tell us what your team would like to do next!

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