Open Application
We always have our eyes open for awesome people even when we don’t have a job opening, because we really just want the best people in our team. 

Work for us?

What kind of work does Talented offer, then?

In your work, you’d be responsible for helping our Talents find suitable jobs and projects. You’d also be supporting our partner businesses in finding the sort of talent they need. 

If you wish, you could also be involved in creating a more developer-friendly culture at organizations from within. As a recruitment consultant you’d be solving challenges related to finding the right people and keeping everyone happy.  

We have offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Oslo, Turku and Zagreb, but you can work from other locations too.

Are we perfect for each other? 

Our ideas of a better working life don’t just apply to our customers: at Talented, you can mold your job into whatever you want it to be, and you also have a say in everything. If you’re an expert in the IT field, that’s, of course, exciting, but curiosity might already be good enough. 

If you feel like being involved in building the future of working life with some of the most important companies in the field, send an open application to and let’s see whether we’re perfect for each other. 


We might be able to help each other even if you don’t work in recruitment. Please go ahead and send us a message at about what kind of work you’re looking for if we are not hiring for your position!