Community Specialist
We have an amazing community of almost 2000 techies. Not do we only want to grow the community, we also want to keep the community happy. For this, we need a Community Specialist who is a people-person and interested in tech.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a Community Specialist to manage and grow our community. We currently have an existing community of around 2000 IT professionals, and your job would be to provide ongoing services for that community, define KPIs for community growth and jump into action. Your day-to-day tasks could vary from creating compelling marketing campaigns to helping our existing businesses in their day-to-day problems to serve our talents and clients well.


You should have an existing track record from IT business, ideally, an ex-programmer but could be something else as well, you are a people-person and comfortable in your own skin in front of huge audiences. You should be interested in technology and design and eager to argue about the pros and cons of different tools.


Key Responsibilities

– Keep our community happy
– Keep our community growing
– Keep yourself and the team happy

What we offer

We offer you a team of high-end professionals, a bunch of tools, couple tricks of the trade and an existing network to make the best out of your time. We don’t believe in workplace pecking orders or processes set in stone and are huge advocates for a self-directive way of working – and we hope you do too. We believe in giving people power and responsibility, we believe in constant learning, we believe in you.

We have offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Oslo, Turku and Zagreb, but you can work from other locations too.


How to apply?

Send your application to
The position will be filled when the right person is found.

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This is how it goes

1. Send your application
2. Have a chat with Teemu Tiilikainen
3. Meet the team, yay!
4. Deliberation and offer

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