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Top 5 IT jobs 3/2020

26 Mar 2020 by Janne Kuikka

The present situation is full of uncertainty, as companies are feeling the heat of Covid-19 outbreak and starting the cooperation negotiations. In the midst of all the uncertainty, changing jobs may seem like a very strange idea at the moment.

However, we have noticed that while some companies have hit the brakes, there are still many open career opportunities: There are hundreds of open positions only within the Talented Community! We want to brighten these difficult times with positivity, and one way to do so is to share those vacancies that our partner network has. So here you go: A few super interesting positions hand-picked for you from the Talented partner network!

Wolt – Head of Infrastructure

The primus motor of domestic food delivery. The company just keeps on growing, and robust financing, ambitious growth strategy, innovative solutions and excellent team spirit make Wolt one of Finland’s most exciting workplaces for developers. This position is a brand new role at Wolt: You and your team would be responsible for keeping the technical implementations up with growth.

#AWS #kubernetes #terraform

Grib3D – Engine Developer

The world’s first 3D modelling software specifically for AR (augmented reality). Grib is creating a 3D / VR learning platform that will benefit children, hobbyists and teachers. No need to search the meaningfulness of this job any further! At the heart of this role is building the new XR engine and assembling and leading the XR team. What makes this position even more attractive is that you’d get to work with some very interesting technological solutions.

#xr #vr #ar #3d #C++ – Frontend Developer

The name of the company says it all: is a marketplace where both individuals and companies can realise their assets, such as vehicles, homes and business premises, machines and equipment etc, for money. The service has got heavy traffic, so here you get to make life and trade easier for a large number of users. The service is built by a top-notch team that has its emphasis on the backend, so the new teammate’s emphasis is desired to be on the frontend.

#react #redux #flow 

Nightingale – DevOps Engineer

Would the detection and prevention of chronic diseases sound interesting to you? Nightingale provides data-, science- and technology-based solutions that have the potential of improving the health of up to billions of people. In this role, you’d work with both the consumer product and in-house services, making sure everything works, all the time.

#DevOps #AWS #Nutanix #Kubernetes #Docker

Remedy – Graphics Programmer

Max Payne, Control, DeathRally, Alan Wake. Here are just a few of the names Remedy is known for. One of the world’s most renowned game companies where you can work with the absolute best in the industry in a truly international environment. Remedy’s games always gain a lot of attention and succeed both commercially and in reviews. In this role, you’d get to create a better gaming experience for gamers and be involved in creating the next generation Remedy success story.

 #C #C++ #OpenGL #Vulkan

If any of these positions got you interested and you’d like more information, or if you’d like to explore your work opportunities in wider scope (we have over 150 companies and their career opportunities for you to explore!), get in touch!

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