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Talent Story – Eeva-Jonna Panula, Developer

11 Jun 2018 by Maria Kotaniemi

Who is Eeva-Jonna aka Eevis?

My name is Eevis Panula, and I am a developer.

When I was a teenager, I used to do all kinds of cool stuff – like coding websites. It was fun, but I had no one encouraging me to keep doing it. In fact, people had the attitude that girls shouldn’t be coding. So I ended up with philology: I studied languages, Russian language and culture as my major. Then this one night after a long day with my thesis, I wanted to do something fun. I remembered those good old times, and started learning some coding and thus began my journey into the magical land of programming. While still working on my thesis, I kept practicing things like Rails, Android development, JavaScript, and some other things.

After finally graduating from university, I also had a basic understanding of many things in programming but lacked experience. However, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, and started applying for jobs in the field. This bore fruit, and I got my first developer job at W3 Group, now called City Dev Labs. I learned there so much and had awesome colleagues who’d always offer to help when I had problems or didn’t understand something. The mentoring I got at CDL also gave me a good basis for changing jobs.

What hardware do you use?

MacBook Pro 15”

And what software?

Atom as an editor, Git for version control, Posticon for managing databases.

What would be your dream setup?

I think I am still looking for it.

What is your favorite programming language and why?

This one is hard. Last year I was mainly working with JavaScript, and it is familiar, and I like that familiarity. But there are so many languages to try, so can I just say that I am still looking for this too?

How did you hear about Talented and how did your process go?

I was contacted by Jasmin, who told me about this cool startup that is teaching natural sciences to kids, and that they are looking for a developer. I had already started thinking about switching my job but hadn’t really done anything, so the timing was perfect. Everything went smoothly, and a few weeks later I signed a contract with Kide Science.

In the beginning, you got to tell us about your preferences for jobs and companies, so has your new job matched with your expectations?

Kide Science helps kids to get excited about natural sciences through play-based learning. It’s a startup that got started from Jenni Vartiainen’s, one of the founders, doctoral research. One of the main reasons why this company is the right fit for me (and I knew it from the first interview) is the fact that everything is based on academical research. And along with everything else, it has so far matched my expectations very well.

How did we do?

From my experience, most recruiting companies that I’ve worked with, both in and outside the IT-field, serve companies. Applicants are just a resource for them. With Talented, on the other hand, I’ve felt that they actually care about finding the best possible place for their applicants. So all in all, you did absolutely great!

How would you describe Talented to a friend or anyone who is looking for new challenges?

Supportive, personal and caring are words that describe Talented. I would highly recommend them as a partner when searching new challenges.

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