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Transitioning to software freelancing is hotter than ever

20 Sep 2021 by Anssi Ketopaikka

After the summer, new one-person software consultancies have been popping up like mushrooms after the rain. It’s not new news that experienced software professionals go for freelancing. In fact, it has been a growing trend for many years already. However, the pace has increased remarkably. Freedom to call your own shots is appealing, but there are a few significant factors in the market that really give developers the last consolidation to making the idea of entrepreneurship reality. 

1. Unsure state of the world has unexpectedly increased developers’ confidence

Thanks to Covid-19, software professionals have been working mostly from home for the past 18 months. That has brought them an aha experience: If one was to become a software freelancer now, not much would change in terms of self management and project related communication. 
Software professionals are more confident that if they were to switch to freelancing, and would for one reason or another want to get back to employment, it wouldn’t be an issue. Finding a job as an experienced developer is easy as the demand is high.

2. The market demand is there for freelancers

There is a high demand for IT expertise. To give an example, Talented had 183 new project opportunities for software freelancers last month. No need to waste your time and effort on sales and marketing when you can let the Talented Agents do the customer acquisition for you! 

3. Money motivates

 The all-time top one motivator to go for freelancing is increased income. 87% of the software freelancers working through Talented say that their income has increased over 50% in comparison to employment. That kind of an increase has a substantial effect on one’s personal finances.

4. Freelancing doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely

Communities and peer-support have moved online! Places like Talented Community Slack gather software freelancers to talk about all aspects of entrepreneurship and technology. People share their experiences and best practices openly with each other.

5. Starting software freelancing is easier than ever

If you are a developer thinking about switching to freelancing, there are ways to save yourself some time and sweat.

By booking a free 45 min sparring session with me, Anssi Ketopaikka, you’ll learn the basics of the business, such as choosing the business entity, startup grant, contracts, registration bureaucracy, accounting etc. Ii will also do my best to answer all the questions you might have and allay your concerns about becoming a freelance software developer in Finland. You can book a time from my calendar here.

Moreover, many organisations, such as Talented, provide help for customer acquisition. To take a peek on what kind of project opportunities the market has to offer, see our project supply here. If you something that sparks your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.


Dreaming of becoming a software freelancer? We at Talented will equip you with the gear you need and handle customer acquisition for you. For free.

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