Experienced Android Developer (Kotlin, 100% Remote)

Our New York based customer is looking for an experienced Android developer for a team building an app for a leading international hospitality company. This is a fixed-period freelance contract from mid/late April until the end of 2021.

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Are you the one?

The project is an interesting and demanding opportunity. You will be building an enterprise scale mobile application for a major brand serving millions of people. This is why we need a top notch developer with exceptional skills and ambition.

You will be working 100% remotely. The team consists of in-house developers and external consultants working across three continents. The meetings are scheduled based on the US East Coast time zone, which will help you avoid working outside the normal hours.

The project requires a full-time commitment from late April until the end of the year.

What we expect

As we are building a world-class app for a company that’s a leader in its field and is serving large amounts of people, the requirements are high.

  • Strong and solid experience in developing enterprise scale Android apps with Kotlin. (>3 years)
  • We appreciate a passionate attitude towards producing high-quality code and the ability to work in an international, agile team.
  • You are a strong communicator with a solution-oriented work approach.

What we offer

We need a top notch developer, and we know you folks are in high demand, so we provide a working environment that will make this project one that you will remember fondly.

  • 100 % freedom to work remotely
  • You will work in an immensely talented team within an exceptional client, which will enable professional growth – you need to be stellar yourself, but you’ll get incredible co-workers too.
  • The project will be a major reference for your future career.
  • Last, but definitely not least, given the high demands of the project, you will get paid accordingly.

Talented will act as your agent, filling the position. Apply below and we’ll be in touch very soon.

What is Talented

Talented is an agent for the developer. We handle the project and job search for the developer so they can focus on working, not finding the work.

An experienced developer will not go long without a job, but there’s a downside to being that popular: for example, they get swamped with irrelevant messages from headhunters on LinkedIn, and sometimes end up at job interviews where the interviewer doesn’t talk tech, let alone understand the factual content of the open role.

We think that both developers and the companies looking for them need some support in order to form a mutually beneficial working relationship. So, we got to work and started building a better working life for everyone.

We picked the side of the developers in order to develop the field from their perspective, Talent first and the rest second. 

We still find ourselves on that same path, but we now have >3000 developers and designers with us. We support them in searching for new challenges, pondering different career paths, discovering new projects to work on, and other things they might encounter during their careers.

We are headquartered in Finland and operate globally, primarily in Europe and North America.

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Tiina Hapuoja
Talent Agent, Software Consulting