The most interesting Artificial Intelligence job openings

The most interesting Artificial Intelligence job openings

Artificial intelligence is, in fact, an old branch of science, but it broke through just during the last 10 years thanks to computers’ improved computing abilities and more efficient processors. The biggest advances have been taken in the areas of perception and cognition: We used to laugh at talks about speech recognition, but now objects operate with voice commands, machines recognize pictures and even make decisions on our behalf. Even though AI is capable of making independent decisions and working as an effective problem solver in routine tasks, its thinking is limited inside a specific sandbox so us people need to teach it to become a better decision maker. There’re lots of other possibilities for artificial intelligence too, but questions such as “Can AI become aware of itself?” and “Will robots take over our jobs?” leave us thinking if artificial intelligence is a threat or a possibility. In spite of all, it keeps growing its popularity leaving companies competing over AI pros.

Beneath we listed five companies that are looking for AI wizards to join their forces.


Nordcloud – AI solution architect

When you combine the deep understanding of software production and design with expertise in cloud strategy, automation and migration services, you get Nordcloud, Europe’s leading cloud enabler that’s growing at crazy fast speed.  If you enjoy the international atmosphere, making things happen and working with top-notch experts, you’re gonna love Nordcloud.

Remedy – Senior AI Programmer & Lead AI &  Lead AI Programmer

Finnish gem that needs no introduction because everybody knows Max Payne and Alan Wake, right?  At Remedy you get to work with the world’s best game developers and define the future of the gaming industry.

Fourkind – AI Strategist

Fourkind is a value stream design consultancy with expertise in design, engineering, advanced analytics and software development, and has really blown our minds with the speed they are growing the team. –  AI Scientist & AI Engineer

Silo is a burning hot new service startup that’s on a mission to democratize AI. Here you’d get to play with for example Python, Scikit-learn, Jupyter Notebooks, Docker, Kubernetes, Meteor, Angular, Node.js, Flask and MongoDB.

DAIN Studios

Helsinki, Berlin and Munich based DAIN Studios is specialized in big data, analytics and AI, and the company is looking for talent! Feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to get insights.